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Neighbours confirms full details of tragic death storyline


The complete circumstances of Hendrix Greyson’s devastating leaving tale have been confirmed by Neighbours.

Hendrix was revealed last week as the mystery character who will die in the show’s final episodes.

New disclosures have revealed the specifics of Hendrix’s death, including how and when he died.

After being diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, Hendrix recently learned that he required a lung transplant.


When a match was found faster than anyone had expected, Hendrix and his loved ones were relieved.

The hospital team confirms that Hendrix’s transplant appears to have been successful in footage that aired on Channel 5 on Monday, June 13.

Hendrix’s health, on the other hand, takes a sharp turn for the worst as his body rejects the transplant.

With only hours to live, Hendrix battles the pain in order to enjoy his final moments with his loved ones.


The following day, everyone on Ramsay Street is saddened by the news of Hendrix’s death.

Sadie Rodwell holds herself responsible for what transpired, knowing that the fire she and Aubrey Laing ignited at Erinsborough High precipitated Hendrix’s health problems.

Harlow Robinson tries to console Mackenzie Hendrix, while Kiri Durant consoles Chloe Brennan.

Meanwhile, Zara Selwyn catches everyone off guard when she reveals that Hendrix was working on a secret project prior to his surgery.


The video was for his family, who were all relieved and grateful to hear from him one more time.

According to Digital Spy, Hendrix’s death storyline was already in the works before it was announced that Neighbours would be ending this year.

Ben Turland, who played Jimi Hendrix on the show, had opted to leave at the conclusion of his contract.

Mackenzie’s actress Georgie Stone told Digital Spy: “Hendrix’s farewell episode is just tragic. It was the most terrifying set experience I’ve ever had.

“It was extremely difficult to film, and I’m sure it will be heartbreaking to see. We aren’t afraid of it. We get closer and truly delve into what it’s like to lose someone so young and to feel sadness at such a young age in those moments when it’s difficult to watch.

“This is true for Mackenzie as well as the entire Erinsborough neighbourhood. I’d recommend watching it with a group of people rather than watching it alone.”


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