Monday, November 20, 2023

Leah brings Stephen home and Justin is finally where he belongs in the doghouse with Budget McDreamy

Leah is getting to know Stephen, the stranger she met on the internet.

Justin is finally in the doghouse with Christian, aka Budget McDreamy, which I’ve shortened to BM these days, after Leah takes Stephen home.

Justin claims that Leah took a guy home with her.

Unfortunately, Leah hasn’t dumped Justin, because he’s just some random stranger she met online who is also obsessed with finding Susie.

I can confirm that the word is spelt with a “ph” rather than a “v.”

As Justin meets Stephen, he expresses his displeasure with Leah’s new acquaintance.


Susie ruined Stephen’s livelihood as well, though details about his character remain elusive.

Take a look at the seductive binder.

He used to have too many tradies and friends working on his property growth, but now he spends his days collecting data in an arch lever binder.

Although I respect their organisation – at first glance, there seem to be maps, highlighting, and newspaper clippings all in plastic sleeves – I also find it amusing that they believe they can locate a single woman anywhere in the world.

Take a look at the seductive binder.

Susie’s last sighting, according to Stephen, was with a source who assisted Susie in changing a flat tyre but felt she was suspicious from the start.


Anyway, Justin has left the premises and is now sitting with BM on a bench, dubbed the doghouse, overlooking the beautiful lake.

BM’s identity crisis hasn’t gone anywhere.

Holding the title of (probably) best neurosurgeon in the world isn’t enough for the man who has crossed over.

He believes he was “chosen” to survive and that he must quickly discover the meaning of life, as tomorrow is his first day back at work.


We learn that Mac has lost his mind as all of this is going on.

Quite nice hair for someone who is having a nervous breakdown.

Mac began her bender what seems like days ago, and she’s still going strong.

Dean discovers her on the floor, surrounded by broken glass and blood streaming from her palm, leaning up against the kitchen bench.

Dr. Tori arrives to help and bandages her side, but she expresses concern about Mac’s mental health.

Dean claims she’s been like this for “a few weeks, which must be one of the few occasions the script’s timeline coincides with real life time.

Returning to Justin and BM, who have abruptly changed their tone after their bro talk.


Justin has agreed to support Leah in her unwavering quest for Susie, and BM is able to discuss wedding arrangements.

Back from the kennel.

I’ll tell it as it is. I missed the majority of this conversation, but because I’ve been watching pretty much every night, I can make an educated guess as to what was said.

I did, however, understand this part.

You’ll know what you were put on this planet to do as soon as you step through those hospital doors, Tori says.

BM puts on a brave face, but it’s clear that whatever Tori said was just lip service, and as soon as the hospital elevator doors shut and he’s out of sight, his face drops.

He walks down to the crime scene, which is now surrounded by police tape.

When BM approaches the numerous trays, picks up the handcuffs, and lies down on the same gurney he was (attempted) murdered on, ominous music plays.

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