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Kylie Minogue reveals key detail on her Neighbours return scene in final episode


It’s the end of an era as Neighbours comes to a close, but to soften the blow, we’re going to see some major characters one last time.

Charlene Robinson, who is played by Kylie Minogue, is one of them.

She hasn’t gone to Erinsborough in 35 years, and she has described her return to the scene as emotional.

‘It was amazing, frankly, to be able to see each other,’ she added during a Sky News interview.


‘I haven’t seen some of these people in over 30 years.’

‘And, you know, life goes on, and we’ve all experienced different things.’ And just to say, “Wow, this is part of our past,” in a face-to-face setting. It was fantastic.’

While this is exciting news for fans, Kylie has revealed that Scott and Charlene will not be the focus of the show.

‘Blink and you’ll miss it,’ she said of her scene.


‘I started acting a few years before that, but my big break and I guess how I became a household name was through Neighbours in 1986, so many moons ago,’ the singer continued.

When Scott and Charlene’s wedding episode aired in the United Kingdom in 1988, it drew nearly 20 million viewers.

When asked about the coup of bringing back Kylie and Jason, Neighbours boss Jason Herbison exclaimed that he was “thrilled” to have them back for one last time.

He told Inside Soap, ‘Both Kylie and Jason needed very little persuasion at all.’ ‘They both value the show and the unique significance it has played in their lives.’


‘It’s a great tribute to Neighbours, and I was overjoyed when they agreed.’ Ending the show without them didn’t feel right.’

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