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Kylie and Jason to reissue Especially For You to mark Neighbours finale


Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan have revealed plans to republish their 1988 single “Especially For You” to commemorate their reunion for the final episode of the soap serial “Neighbours.” The song’s debut came shortly after the UK airing of the soap opera episode where their respective characters, Scott and Charlene, tied the knot.

“Now that we ARE working on “Neighbours,” a limited edition of “Especially For You” featuring Jason Donovan will be released on vinyl and cassette on August 5 to revive even more memories of the 1980s,” tweeted Minogue. If you’re wondering why I’m not also quoting Donovan, he agreed but didn’t really say anything.

‘Neighbours’ was slated to cease after 37 years earlier this year after Channel 5, which broadcasts the show in the UK, stated that it will reduce its sponsorship of the programme. According to the production company Fremantle Media, the choice was taken because it was unable to secure further funds.

Both Minogue and Donovan debuted on the programme in 1986; Minogue left in 1988, and Donovan returned in 1989. Both subsequently had lucrative pop careers.


Many suspicions were raised when Donovan earlier this week posted images of Minogue and himself on the last episode set. The main question was: Why didn’t Donovan just post the selfies themselves, as opposed to sharing images of himself taking them? The answer to that important question may be the main focus of “Neighbours'” final episode.

By the way, that final episode will air on Channel 5 in the UK on July 29 at 9 p.m. The day of airing, at 1.45 and 6 o’clock, will also feature the penultimate episode.

Despite all this ‘Neighbours’-inspired 1980s nostalgia, Stefan Dennis, who portrayed Paul Robinson and was the show’s longest-running actor, has not yet announced any plans to re-release his 1980s hit.

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