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Justin and Leah FINALLY walk down the aisle in a Home and Away wedding for the ages


She has already made three trips down the aisle. Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah Patterson in Home and Away, believes her most recent on-screen marriage to James Stewart’s character, Justin Morgan, will be unique.

First of all, nothing noteworthy occurs!

It’s absolutely different, adds Nicodemou, because usually there’s always a cliffhanger at the end, when someone dies, but that doesn’t happen at all!

“It’s genuinely quite beautiful, and it revolves around their love.”

After 24 years of playing Leah, Nicodemou feels that her character’s happy ending has finally arrived.

This past year, Leah and Justin’s relationship was pushed to the ultimate test when Leah suffered a mental breakdown, Justin nearly passed away, and the couple was abducted.

Within the span of a year!

It makes sense that there was a lot of uncertainty about whether they would be married at all.

Home and Away wedding

However, Nicodemou and the authors both understood that the characters and devoted followers deserved their happily ever after.

“I did ask (the writers) for that when they were suggesting that Leah and Justin get married,” she acknowledges.

“Oh please, could it just be polite, I said? She has experienced so much!

Additionally, I believe that the audience simply wants to see a happy conclusion. Everyone agreed that it would be lovely to simply witness a couple in love, celebrate that, and have a lovely wedding.

Scenes were shot at a winery in Sydney’s Hunter Valley a few months ago.

Every picture was breathtaking, according to Nicodemou. “The location was at this amazing vineyard, and they do a lot of weddings.”

Her persona dons an exquisitely tailored gown created by Nicky Apostolopoulos of Velani Couture as she makes her way down the aisle.

Home and Away wedding

Over the years, she has created numerous Logies outfits for celebrities.

She says, “Shelley, our wardrobe designer, got in touch with her ahead of time, presumably because she knew I was already at ease with Nicky. The three of us had a little meeting and came up with a little design.”

“When you get someone really talented to do something like that, I think it’s easy; you just really leave the design up to them.”


“She performed beautifully.”

Home and Away wedding

In addition to being a stunning sight, the episode will appeal to die-hard fans as several familiar names will be reprising their roles.

On this special day, Penny McNamee’s character Tori, Justin’s daughter Ava (Annabel Wolfe), and Leah’s son VJ (played by Matt Little, who is currently a producer on the show behind the scenes), will all make an appearance.

In addition to filming Home and Away, Nicodemou has been active off-screen. On April 3, her debut children’s book, Mia Megastar, will be published.

“It’s merely a charming tale, somewhat inspired by my own journey into acting,” she says.


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