Thursday, June 30, 2022

Jai is Back in the Bay, Here is the First of look of Jai and Amber

Home and Away have reported that Jai Simmons is returning to Summer Bay in a teaser on their Instagram page. River Jarvis will be back in the next episodes.

Jai left with his girlfriend, Amber Simmons, a few weeks ago when she could no longer cope with Dean Thompson.


Dean (Patrick O’Connor) recently attempted to abduct his son Jai and Amber (Madeleine Jevic) felt that the best thing for their son was to get him out of Summer Bay. She was also tired of the constant bickering between Dean and her mother, Francesca, as it had an effect on Jai’s well-being.

Amber is expected to return under the leadership of Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) who wants to try to help Dean get his life back on track.

When Amber comes back, she leaves Dean confused when she tells him she doesn’t want to keep him away from Jai anymore.


Dean has a lot to do and wants to prove to Amber that he can be trusted as he convinces Amber that he’s all right now, Amber confirms that she’s going to get Dean to have daily access to his son Jai.

The return of Amber and Jai came at the right time for Dean-because they’re going to hold him accountable for remaining on track for good.

Dean has had difficulty in recent months as his friend Colby Thorne was sentenced to heavy jail sentences and his ex-girlfriend, Ziggy Astoni, settled down with Tane Parata.

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