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In a new revenge scheme, Home and Away’s Lewis Hayes has Christian Green arrested.


For UK viewers, there are spoilers for Home and Away.

Lewis Hayes of Home and Away plots to have Christian Green arrested on UK television next week.

After finding that Christian will not face any more consequences for the death of another patient at the hospital, Lewis (Luke Arnold) takes matters into his own hands.

After a number of his patients died in suspicious circumstances, Christian (Ditch Davey) is being investigated. Nobody realises Lewis is killing the people in question in order to blame Christian for negligence.


After the family of the deceased patient demands an autopsy to determine what happened, Christian faces an anxious wait.

When the results are in, Christian is cleared of any wrongdoing and is allowed to resume his daily work schedule.

Lewis is furious at the news, and he wonders what it would take to fire Christian.

As Lewis remains fixated on his vendetta toward Christian, Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) is concerned. She asks what will happen next when Lewis speaks about avenging himself in some way.


Christian approaches Lewis at work the next day and proposes they make amends.

Lewis dismisses this effort at reconciliation, arguing that Christian’s continued presence at the hospital would only result in further neglect and unnecessary deaths.


Lewis later switches tactics, referring Christian to the cops for punching him in the face a few days before.

Constable Murray shows up in the midst of a shift to arrest Christian, hormones peptides shocking the hospital staff.


Christian later informs Tori that as a result of his violent outburst, he could face a two-year jail term. Is it possible that he’ll end up in prison as a result of Lewis’s actions?

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