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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos makes a big move in stalker storyline


Ava’s games are straining him to the limit.

Next week on UK television, Theo Poulos from Home and Away takes efforts to put Ava Gilbert at a distance.

Theo’s girlfriend Kirby Aramoana has just informed him that Ava is his stalker, therefore he is going to have a terrible surprise.

After Theo achieved success as the lead singer of Lyrik, Ava developed an obsession with him. She then travelled to Summer Bay to see her father Justin Morgan, knowing that doing so would enable her to share a home with Theo.


Theo begins to feel uncomfortable at home in the Channel 5 programmes airing the following week after learning that Ava is his superfan.

Ava makes a family supper in an effort to heal fences with everyone. She has done enough to win back Justin’s favour, but Theo isn’t persuaded by her behaviour.

Later, Theo confronts Ava about the lines she violated with her actions. Ava reacts angrily and says Theo tricked her.

Theo is further angered by this charge, so he approaches Kirby to see if he may move in with her in the Lyrik share house.


Leah Patterson, Theo’s aunt, becomes furious and insists that Theo shouldn’t be ejected from his own house by Ava.

Roo Stewart offers to help out by taking on the role of Ava’s tutor. She thinks that Ava would benefit from recommitting herself to her studies, but the tough pupil soon begins to complicate her life by failing to pay attention during their sessions.

Leah, meantime, tells Justin to handle his daughter and makes it clear that she won’t allow a teenager to be in charge of the household.

Theo moves out as promised despite Leah’s efforts to make life easier for him at home.


When Theo reveals his plans, Roo observes Ava’s sorrow. Despite her assertions to the contrary, it is clear that Ava still harbours romantic sentiments for Theo.

Justin begs Theo to reconsider his decision to move since he is concerned about Leah’s discontentment with the circumstances.

Theo warns him that being so enamoured by a 16-year-old is risky ground and that it would be best for him to leave before someone had the wrong impression. But has Theo actually played Ava’s last game?

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