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Home and Away’s Sarah Roberts and Sam Frost reunite: ‘Best friend’



Sarah Roberts and Sam Frost, stars of Home and Away, have moved on from Summer Bay, yet they remain inseparable “best friends.”

Sam was thrilled to support Sarah at the Melbourne global premiere of her new movie, Wog Boys Forever, for which Sarah is presently conducting promotion.

Sammy is one of my most lovely friends. She is one of my closest friends and has always supported me, says Sarah to Yahoo Lifestyle.

“She now lives down in Melbourne, and I’m still up in Sydney, so I miss her a lot. I cherish the opportunity to see her whenever I can.


The actor, who spent more than three years portraying Willow Harris on the serial opera, claims that they intentionally promote one another’s endeavours.

I desired to act in a comedy.
The actress was a tremendous admirer of the 2000 movie The Wog Boy and leaped at the chance to work on the third instalment of the trilogy.

“I watched the Wog Boy movies as a child, about 23 years ago. I am a Melbourne girl at heart, and I saw Wog Boy with my brother and sister.

Unexpectedly, Sarah has a relationship with Chasers Nightclub, one of the movie’s key settings.


She admits, “I used to dance and party there and I really had my first bartender job there.

Sarah spent years on Home and Away, where she was involved in dramatic plotlines involving kidnapping, gambling addiction, and a court appearance that resulted in Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) serving time in prison.

She enjoyed working on the soap opera, but she was ready for something a little less dramatic.

She acknowledges, “I really wanted to make a comedy.” “My character sort of tells the whole movie the truth. And I appear in several of the moments with the lads, so it was quite challenging to maintain my composure on set.


“All I wanted to do was something amusing, something that would make me smile every day. It very certainly done that, she claims.

It’s a fantastic sensation.
Sarah has been candid about her struggles in the acting business, including how she was initially stereotyped as a “Indian doctor” because of her race.

She discusses the global premiere moment that left her speechless as well as what it means to her to be a part of such a diverse picture.

“Standing up on stage is honestly such a great feeling, especially considering that we are all from various ethnic origins. It’s the same when you look up on the screen, and I believe it’s crucial that Australia starts to push those boundaries even further, she says.

“I consider it an honour to be able to portray people of different racial and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and other similar identities on screen. I enjoy doing it because I believe that it’s crucial for everyone to feel included, which is what this movie is about.

The actress calls the romantic comedy, which takes place 20 years after the first movie, “a breath of fresh air.”


Sarah denies rumours of a breakup.
After it was said that her marriage to James Stewart was in trouble, the celebrity has been the subject of unfavourable rumours for the previous two weeks.

However, when she talks about her “small micro family” that she has in Sydney with James and her stepdaughter Scout Stewart, her expression visibly brightens.

While James was unable to attend Sarah’s premiere in Melbourne due to his hectic schedule as Justin Morgan on Home and Away, he remained by her side for the Sydney premiere.

Sarah recently confirmed that the couple is still together and that they are “happy” to Woman’s Day.

When I arrived from Tuscany last week, he met me at the airport with a large bouquet of pink tulips. He’s been handsome and I’ve been unwell lately. He has been taking care of me with foot massages and chicken soup, she informed the media.

She doesn’t care about the rumours about their separation, but she worries that her 10-year-old stepdaughter will hear about it.

While being away from James and Scout is never easy, she is always travelling for work. Wog Boys Forever was filmed in Melbourne, and she is about to return to the United States.

“I spend two weeks in LA since I have management there. I should walk over and let you folks know that I’m still here. She informs us.

“I’m busy, and I have a full DJ schedule right up to New Year’s. I’m always auditioning, so I’m sure another project will come up soon.”

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