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Home and Away’s Matt Little breaks silence on VJ Patterson return


The actor of Home and Away, Matt Little, has spoken out about his want to play VJ Patterson on the show again.

VJ will be present when his mother Leah Patterson marries Justin Morgan, according to a new teaser. We even caught a glimpse of him escorting his mother down the aisle.

Former cast member Matt Little is making his first appearance since he and his child Luc moved to Cyprus in 2017, when his character VJ moved abroad.

“It was amazing [working with] long-time friends and it was really quite emotional to get to work with people that I haven’t worked with in a long time and I was close to,” Matt remarked, speaking with Perth Now about his return to Home and Away.


The actor made a joke about how difficult it will be to avoid giving away Leah and Justin’s special day to the viewers when he returns to the show.

The actor added that someone urged him to “don’t say anything on social media.”

Not only will VJ be a recognisable figure at the wedding, but Penny McNamee, who left the soap opera three years ago, will be playing Justin’s sister Tori Morgan.

When Tori decided to move with her husband Christian Green and daughter Grace to make a life-changing decision in 2021, she was last seen in Summer Bay.


Leah and Justin went through a very turbulent time before their wedding since Leah suffered a mental breakdown after being abducted by the cult Vita Nova. Valerie Beaumont’s encouragement helped the pair reconcile even though Leah began to question her desire to wed Justin.

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