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Home and Away’s Logan fights for Mac in 30 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s coming up on UK TVs on Monday, March 28.

Monday, March 28:

Karen is in a good mood. Dean had arranged for her grandson Jai to be at the beach, despite the fact that she is not authorised to visit him. Karen was able to observe Dean and Jai as they played in the sand from a distance.

Karen’s day is improving. John arrives in his Polaris and offers to drive Karen to the beach to see Jai. Karen is not permitted to reveal her true identity, but Dean allows her to talk with Jai.

Tuesday, March 29:

Brett makes his way to Summer Bay. Karen’s companion has arrived.


Karen is dissatisfied. Dean sneaked up behind her and made eye contact with Brett.

Dean explains why he did what he did. He’s still perplexed as to why his mother is pushing Brett away.

Karen is starting to irritate Dean. He is concerned that Karen may miss out on a happy future as a result of her treatment of Brett.

Karen keeps pushing Brett away. She pretends to be with John right now.


Dean and Ziggy are aghast. Karen goes so far as to kiss John to illustrate her case.

Mia is looking for Bella’s assistance. Someone needs to keep an eye on Chloe for her.

Bella is undecided. She’s concerned if she’ll be able to care for Chloe through this difficult time.

Tane and Nikau haven’t returned from their journey yet. They’re taking a break from the Bay.


Nikau is under Tane’s watchful eye. Nikau has been having trouble coping since Ari’s false confession to Matthew’s murder.

Tane keeps putting Nikau through his paces. He’s teaching his nephew how to use a traditional Mori weapon called the Taiaha.

Nikau is progressing well in his warrior training. Tane has urged Nikau not to quit up, even if he initially doubted himself.

Nikau approaches a fork in the road. Tane agrees that Nikau’s training has come to an end at this point.

Nikau and Tane are preparing to return to the Bay. Tane has proclaimed the journey complete.

Tane relinquishes control of the Taiaha. Nikau’s father used to own this.


Nikau has been moved. He’s brimming with pride and gratitude.

Nikau has a reminder from Tane. He emphasises the spiritual significance of their training: they must return and confront what awaits them with Ari.

Tane thanks Nikau. When they return to the Bay, what will they find?

Thursday, March 31:

At Salt, Logan runs into Mac. He’s been staying with Neve at a motel for the past three days.

Logan is adamant that he and Neve are not romantically involved. Mac, on the other hand, believes Logan prefers another woman to her.

Mac mulls over a radical option. She is well aware that if Neve is discovered in the Bay, she will be in serious danger. Neve ran away from the army a few years ago.

Mac considers making a phone call to report Neve. Is she capable of carrying it out?

Friday, April 1:

Jasmine devises a romantic scheme. She plans a takeout supper with Cash on the pier in order to invite him to move in with her.

Jasmine calls Mac to see how he’s doing. The Neve scenario is still causing Mac problems.

Mac is worried about his finances. Neve had previously become violent with Mac while suffering from a PTSD episode.

Mac and Logan converse once more. Their whole existence is in jeopardy.

Logan tries to assuage Mac’s fears. He insists on being faithful to her.

Logan has a new sense of hope. With Mac, he finally makes some progress.

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