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Home and Away’s Justin Morgan sabotages Lyrik with blunder


There are spoilers for the Australian episode of Home and Away that aired on Tuesday (September 20), which some UK viewers may want to avoid.

Justin Morgan from Home and Away may have prompted Lyrik’s potential professional setback.

Justin has recently taken over as the four-piece group’s manager in Australia. The group has been having trouble managing the administrative aspects of their music careers.


For Justin, who had long desired to contribute in some way to the band’s success, the opening for a managerial job was ideal.



In the episode that aired on Tuesday on Channel 7 in Australia, Justin overplayed his hand in an effort to get the greatest bargains for Lyrik.

When Justin was negotiating with venues over appropriate prices for Lyrik, he felt out of his element and turned to his no-nonsense partner Leah Patterson for guidance on how to be more assertive.


Justin ambushed Mackenzie Booth at Salt and insisted on raising Lyrik’s price for future performances after taking Leah’s advice.

Theo, Eden, Remi, and Kirby rely on their regular appearances at Salt for a sizable portion of their revenue despite travelling for various shows.


In a heated discussion, Justin argued that a fee increase was necessary because Lyrik’s popularity had greatly increased since Mac first started showcasing them.

Without setting up a formal meeting, Justin was harassing Mac at work, and she resisted his clumsy attempts to negotiate.

The next day, Justin went back to see Mac and made her admit that she has no active contract with Lyrik. Then he wanted a 20% boost in their upcoming gig earnings.

Later, Justin informed Leah once more, acknowledging that his strategies had once again failed.


Justin clarified: “I abused my hand. Mac has cancelled all upcoming Lyrik performances at Salt. I’m going to die from the band.”

Can Justin make things better before Lyrik learns?


In October, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.

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