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Home and Away’s Cash Newman left devastated in 20 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK television in the week beginning September 5

September 5th, Monday: Cash is upset.
When the Summer Bay cop found out Jasmine was coming back, he made plans to pop the question to her. Sadly, Jasmine was absent and has stopped returning his calls.

On September 5th, Eden goes to talk to Cash.
Since they were acquainted before either of them relocated to the Bay, the two have a long history.

Monday, September 5: Eden now has access to cash
The fact that Jasmine hasn’t made touch with him is unusual, therefore he can’t help but think that something horrible has happened.


On September 5th, Cash makes a significant choice.
He understands that it could be necessary to file a missing person report for Jasmine with the police.

Tuesday, September 6: Cash is still having difficulties.
Jasmine’s situation is still unknown.

Tuesday, September 6: John and Cash come into contact.
John is aware of Cash’s difficulties.

On September 6th, Tuesday: John is devastated for Cash.
What can he do to assist? he wonders.


On September 6th, John places a call.
He determines that Irene must be aware of what is happening.

Tuesday, September 6: Jasmine’s secret is finally revealed.
Jasmine and the Shaws were alright when the cops checked on them at the farm.

Tuesday, September 6: The information shocks Irene.
Jasmine has made the decision to remain on the property indefinitely, but she won’t discuss it with anyone and has asked the police to convey her best wishes.

September 6th, Tuesday: Cash is devastated.
He realises that the connection meant more to him than to Jasmine.


On September 6th, Tuesday: We then discuss Xander and Rose.
Only to be nearer to Jasmine did the Delaney siblings relocate to the Bay. How will they react to the information that Jasmine won’t be returning?

On September 6th, Eden and Remi talk about the band.
Future ambitions for Lyrik are ambitious.

September 6: Eden and Remi are organising a tour.
They can once again have high dreams now that Theo is their lead singer.

On September 6th, Justin begins to worry.
He is concerned about Theo’s ability to balance his band obligations with TAFE education.

Wednesday, September 7: Cash visits Xander Despite Jasmine’s absence, Cash still feels a strong sense of loyalty to the Delaney children.

Sept. 7th, Wednesday: Recently, Xander has been having trouble.
In his capacity as a paramedic, he feels overly invested in the patients he encounters.


On September 7th, Cash and Xander have a conversation. Xander has been going to counselling.

On September 7, Cash will assist Xander in yet another way.
Cash is pleased to offer advice to Xander since he wants to work out in the gym to improve his mental health.

Sept. 7th, Wednesday: Cash is still thinking about the Jasmine scenario.
How does he explain to Xander that Jasmine won’t be coming back?

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