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Home and Away star Lukas Radovich hints at next big move


Despite only leaving the Australian soap opera Home and Away in May of this year, Lukas Radovich, who played Ryder Jackson, is already promising new projects on social media!

creating magical movies, “On Instagram, he posted. “Pay attention here!”


Then, in a subsequent post, he added:


“These images give me such joy.



“It is truly unique to have the opportunity to collaborate with some of my favourite individuals (respectively @harismirza27 & @smartlett) on a project that is wholly our OWN.


In the next months, there will be a lot to share.

When his character kisses Ty Anderson, the foster child of Marilyn and John, it becomes the first LGBTQ+ plotline in the soap opera in in a decade. Lukas played Ryder, Alf Stewart’s grandson, starting in 2017.


“I was extremely pleased to be part of a new plot — something that hasn’t been done before, and something that I could explore with a TV programme that is so integral to Australian culture,” the actor said.


Even though Lukas was in his mid-20s and his character was a teenager who was still in school, he could still identify to him.


Despite the role being a little younger, Lukas said, “I can still readily identify to that moment in my life, and it’s been a lot of pleasure revisiting those years.”


Additionally, he discussed his plans after leaving the soap opera, saying:


“I believe that I would like writing, acting, and collaborating with my favourite people in my own work.



“After my time on Home and Away, I believe my aim is to travel to London and look for work there as both of my brothers reside there.


“Because I think the TV and film that is being produced there is very wonderful.


So, he continued, “I’d want to be a part of that.”


After five years on the serial, Lukas made the decision to depart. He said his goodbyes onscreen in May and on Instagram as his final episodes aired.


“What a thrilling ride. I’ll keep this brief because I can’t really articulate how the past five years have felt or affected my life “As he announced his leaving on social media, Lukas stated.


I’ll miss my job, but I’ll miss the people more than anything.



Lukas also rejoiced that he was able to include his parents and his longtime partner, Australian men’s netball player Liam Forcadilla, in his show’s final scenes.

It made him feel good to see his parents and Liam Forcadilla in his final shows as extras, he stated.


Lukas has been squeezing in trips to England, Scotland, and Fiji with Liam since the end of Home and Away.


However, Lukas has stated that he hasn’t entirely abandoned Home and Away.


He told Digital Spy, “The door is always open and I’m really grateful for that, but I think we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”


“In the ensuing two years, anything may occur.


We’ll always leave the door open, but for the time being, I’m eager to find out what comes next for me.”

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