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Home and Away: What is Stephen, the stranger from the internet, doing?


Stephen, with a “ph,” is still on the hunt.

Leah and Stephen, the online stranger, are getting ready for what has turned become a daily meeting to discuss Susie’s whereabouts.

He’s only been in Summer Bay for a few weeks, but he’s already inviting himself to Leah’s house, where he’ll most likely set up Susie-related traps like the one John fell into.

Susie is reaching out to him to reconnect, and the poor nosy man has fallen for it.


“How did he get himself into another trap?” Leah inquires.

Oh, how ironic.

Justin, who is on his best behaviour after his rage-fueled outburst the night before, does a number on Leah, preying on her gullibility.

For fear of Justin discovering a cache of narcotics, Leah is unwilling to leave Justin the addict alone at the Susie meeting.


But Justin views this as an opportunity to get away from Leah’s constant scrutiny (which he desperately needs) and go to the “gym,” which is all part of a scheme to get more narcotics from some sketchy website.

It’s no surprise that as soon as he’s out of sight, Justin does a U-turn and hides in the bushes, making him appear incredibly suave, oblivious to the fact that the beauty of a phone is that you can use it anywhere.

Jas apprehends his “clammy” companion and reintroduces him to the gym.

While this is going on, the Susie town meeting, which is also suss, is taking place.


“I don’t see what she gets out of hurting me again,” John says.

Because of the police department’s ineptness, online investigators John, Leah, and Stephen were set on conducting their own investigation into Susie. But now they’ve altered their tune and persuaded John to hand over everything to the cops.

To be honest, I’ve lost interest till something exciting occurs.

Now it’s Dean’s turn to look for Mac.

He asks everyone in town whether they have seen her, but no one has.

Naturally, I figured he tried to reach his sister using this high-tech device known as a phone, but I was mistaken, and it is only at the very end of the show that he rings and learns her phone lying on the sofa at his house.


In other news, Martha returns home from her therapy session.

I’m not a psychologist, but the producers didn’t choose Jas cam, so she’s free!

Good for you if you’ve never heard of Jas cam. It’s when the producers prefer to use the fish eye camera every now and then to emphasise the seriousness of a character’s madness.

However, it appears that the pleasant reunion will be short-lived.

According to the expression on her face, Roo receives a troubling call from solicitors for Kieran, Martha’s long-lost alcoholic son, who wishes to talk with Roo.

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