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Home and Away to remake Willow and Alex’s relationship


Home and Away is scheduled to revisit Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) and Alex Neilson (Zoe Ventourarelationship, )’s probably reuniting the much-loved couple, in a twist that has already delighted Willex fans on social media.

Willow has recently been debating how to move on with her life in front of Australian audiences. She went back to Summer Bay hoping to mend fences with Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) and reunite him with Amber (Madeleine Jevic) and Jai, but she had no idea she’d be able to reconcile with both Ziggy and Bella.

Her life is almost back to how it was before last November’s massive decision to betray Colby Thorne and sentence him to two decades in jail, thanks to her temporary return as manager of Summer Bay Fit. Can she just stay in Summer Bay and go about her business as usual?

Short spoilers for next week’s Australian episodes have just been posted, and it appears that the tale of Willow’s future will take a massive turn as the show reunites her with Alex Neilson.


Who was Alex Neilson?

Alex Neilson arrived in Summer Bay as a locum doctor in August 2019, covering Tori Morgan’s maternity leave.

Mason Morgan, who made a move on the beautiful doctor shortly after she arrived, soon became her companion. She gently let him down when she told him she was gay, and it wasn’t long before she realised she’d formed feelings for Willow.

Soon after, the two became intimate. Alex joined one of Willow’s fitness classes in an attempt to befriend her, but soon found herself acting as Willow’s sounding board for the numerous dramas in her life – first Irene’s impending trial, then Jasmine’s abduction saga.


As their friendship grew, Alex mistook a sign from Willow and went in for a kiss, only to run away embarrassed. Willow was torn by the incident; she’d never considered dating a woman before, but after spending more time with Alex, she wasn’t opposed to the thought.

It was Willow’s turn to make a pass, as she kissed Alex, after a night out assisted by a number of tequila shots.

The couple finally realised that their feelings for each other were mutual, but they decided to take things slowly because Alex wanted to make sure she wasn’t just a test subject for Willow. She wasn’t looking for a fling because she was already suffering from a long-term relationship that ended only a year ago.

However, Alex’s work as a locum doctor meant that she would inevitably be forced to relocate, so their relationship was always doomed to fail. The moment arrived when Tori awoke from her coma and prepared to return to work as the Head of ED, and the couple had to make a tough decision.


She was offered a new job in Queensland, and she proposed Willow accompany her. Alex realised she was asking too much of Willow by relocating her too far away from her friends and family when Dean expressed his feelings, and she agreed to look for a permanent position far closer to home.

The thought, on the other hand, terrified Willow even more. Willow freaked out when Alex proposed they buy a house together in the neighbourhood, and Alex realised her girlfriend had never been as serious about the relationship as she had made out.

She told Willow, heartbroken, that she was going to Queensland by herself. Despite Willow’s best attempts to reassure Alex and herself that she was ready for engagement, Alex sensed that the time was not right.

Alex left Willow and Summer Bay for the last time in March of last year, leaving a note and running away in the middle of the night, leaving Willow to go on with her life without her.

Sarah Roberts spoke to New Idea in April 2020 about the tragic ending that saw the two part ways and Alex leave for her new job in Queensland.

“Both Willow and Alex have a really sad ending,” Sarah said. “They had this very lovely one last night together, and I think Willow was hoping Alex would continue to stay.”


“It’s a nightmare for Willow. She believes she was denied the opportunity to tell Alex what she wanted to say, and that she was not given a choice in the matter.”

Is Alex returning to Summer Bay?

Alex departed Summer Bay on March 9, 2020. The show is set to reignite the flame between the pair just over a year later, as Willow makes a huge decision about her future.

We don’t know anything about Alex’s next appearance on the show right now, including whether Zoe Ventoura will reprise her role or whether her return will be a series of phone calls and texts.

In any case, the new spoilers for episodes airing next week in Australia show that Willow hasn’t forgotten about Alex, and that she will hold the key to her post-Summer Bay future.

“Willow wonders what her future looks like,” according to the brief synopses released ahead of the episodes on Thursday.

She appears to be deliberating over the weekend, as “Willow makes a chance phone call” is the title of next Monday’s show.

Her chance phone calls have recently had a high success rate, with her most recent one reuniting Dean and Amber.

The big revelation that has everyone excited will be in next Tuesday’s episode down under – “Willow starts to hope for a future with Alex.”

Things seem to be moving rapidly, as “Willow makes a decision” on Wednesday. It’s all speculation at this stage, but we can only assume she’ll leave Summer Bay for Queensland, reuniting with the love of her life once and for all.

Sarah Roberts recently announced that she had asked Alex to return, which gave us a pretty good idea of how Willow Harris’ time in Summer Bay would end.

Roberts told the New Zealand publication, “I went to the producer and the writer again and asked if Alex could come back and just tap Willow on the shoulder.” “Then they should just drive off together into the sunset. But I think you’ll just have to wait and see.”

We have a feeling that’s exactly what’ll happen when these scenes air in Australia next week. The storyline will be finished just under a month later, on May 7th, for UK viewers.

Willex fans on Twitter have already shared their delight at the new creation.


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