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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Tori will be dealing with Christian’s behaviour after his horrific incident with Lewis next week on Home and Away.

In other news, the search for Susie takes a new turn, while Tane surprises Ziggy by expressing his desire for a more committed relationship.

Here’s a complete list of the 11 major events coming up.

1. Christian gives some controversial advice


Tori is still perplexed by Christian’s apparent transformation since his near-death experience with Lewis. Tori is irritated that Christian went beach skinny-dipping and tells him to concentrate on their wedding arrangements.

Christian is taken aback when he learns that Leah has given up her hunt for Susie. This would be fantastic news for Justin, who is concerned that Leah may become obsessed with her mission, but Christian has other plans.

Leah is encouraged by Christian not to give up so quickly, and it isn’t long before she is focused on Susie once more. Tori is irritated that Christian has aggravated the situation.

2. Tori and Christian reach breaking point


Tori storms out as she sees Christian getting a tarot reading from Marilyn, another proof of his newfound optimism.

Tori makes it apparent that she wants Christian to return to his former self when Christian follows and attempts to smooth things out with her. Christian refuses to apologise for his changed behaviour, claiming that after nearly dying, he wants to live life to the fullest.

3. Christian revisits frightening memories

Tori tries to console Christian as he returns to work in the hospital for the first time since Lewis’s attack. Christian tries to carry on as usual, but he is attracted back to the Northern Districts’ unused wing, where Lewis attempted to murder him.


Christian is nowhere to be seen when a patient is taken into the emergency room after a suspected stroke. Christian lies on the bed where Lewis had him locked while Jasmine and Tori attempt desperately to figure out where he is.

Christian comes just as Tori is about to make the call to bring in an alternative surgeon. Tori tries to persuade Christian to reveal his whereabouts, but he refuses.

4. Christian seeks an adrenaline rush

After his first shift back at the hospital, Christian heads off in his car and ignores all contact from his loved ones. He pushes down hard on the pedal, forcing his car to go faster and faster as he desperately seeks another adrenaline rush.

Later, once he returns home, Christian tells Tori that he returned to the room where Lewis held him captive. He explains that he was glad to do it, as he now feels like he has freed himself from the trauma.

5. Newcomer Stephen arrives


John no longer wants to be a part of Leah’s hunt for Susie, which irritates her. Her mission, however, is aided when she interacts with Stephen, a builder who was previously tricked by Susie.

Stephen is eager to team up with Leah and John to take down Susie, but John is emphatic that he does not want to be involved.

When Leah brings Stephen back to the house to exchange notes on Susie, Justin gives him a cold reception as well. Justin apologises to Stephen and attempts to be more supportive of Leah’s efforts following a heart-to-heart with Christian.

6. Ryder and Chloe reveal their big plan

After reassuring Roo that they had plans for their future professions, Ryder and Chloe are under pressure. Roo is sceptical, and she pledges to devise her own strategy for them unless they reveal their plans quickly.

Ryder and Chloe finally reveal their plans to open a food truck in the Surf Club’s parking lot. Alf and Roo aren’t instantly enthused, citing the high startup expenses and the necessity to obtain different permits. When Ryder and Chloe find that their first bills would be in the $50,000 range, they are concerned.

7. Ryder and Chloe try to keep their plans on track

When Ziggy chats with a contact and finds a food truck for the two of them, Ryder and Chloe have fresh hope. Ziggy isn’t in a hurry for Ryder and Chloe to pay her back, much to their relief.

Ryder has to work a shift at the bait shop while the business is still in the works. When Mac passes by, he makes a snarky remark to Ryder about his new job since leaving Salt.

Ryder and Chloe are more driven than ever to get their firm off the ground and give some competition for Mac in the not-too-distant future as a result of Mac’s harsh words.

8. Mac’s downward spiral continues

When Dean returns home to discover Mac drunk on the floor with a cut hand from smashing some glass, he is alarmed. Mac is so inebriated that she doesn’t even realise what’s going on.

Mac tells Dean that all she wants is for him to leave her alone, but he assures her that he will be there for her at all times.

Dean summons Tori, who arrives to assist Mac in repairing his hand. Tori uses the opportunity to remind Mac that she has choices for counselling after her baby’s death. This is something Mac refuses to consider.

9. Mac continues to seek an escape

Dean is surprised to return home to find a man’s clothes littered around the apartment. All becomes clear when the guy in question leaves Mac’s bedroom. Mac enjoys goading Dean by encouraging him to say what he thinks about this, but Dean refuses to rise to the bait.

Later, Mac continues to reject Dean’s support by telling him that she doesn’t need his help. Dean warns Mac that she’ll lose everybody if she continues to behave like this.

10. Tane and Ziggy take the next step

Tane is taken aback when Ari tells him about how he and Mia are attempting to start a family. Tane is concerned about the potential ramifications, recalling how Ari spiralled out of control when this didn’t work out for him and Mia the first time.

Tane imagines a full house at the Paratas’ in the future if Ari and Mia’s ideas come to fruition. He wonders how Ziggy would react if he moved in with her instead.

Ziggy isn’t too keen on the idea, stating her fears that it would jeopardise her relationship with Tane if they move too soon.

However, after seeking guidance from Mia and Ari, Ziggy and Tane are able to speak things out and clear up any doubts.

11. Nikau and Bella face problems


After Nikau’s recent modelling career has taken up so much of his time, Nikau and Bella are hoping for some quality alone time. Unfortunately, Nikau’s agent Sienna has other plans and continues popping up out of nowhere to make more demands.

When Sienna arranges an unplanned photoshoot in the Bay, Nikau and Bella’s plans for a day off together are upset. Sienna even invites Allegra to accompany Nikau on the shoot, knowing that Bella will be disturbed.

Nikau and Bella are left despondent when Sienna’s demands severely interrupt their plans for the day. Is this turning into a major issue for them?

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