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Home and Away star’s air fryer cleaning hack goes viral for all the wrong reasons


Ada Nicodemou, star of Home and Away, posted a contentious cleaning tip that fans were afraid might destroy her air fryer.

The Summer Bay soap opera star, who frequently finds herself in peril, could not have recognised that when she shared the tip she got from a friend, she was endangering her life.

The trick was to fill the air fryer with water, add a dishwashing tablet or powder, and then programme the air fryer to clean for fifteen minutes.

Ada declared the finished product “pretty clean” and pointed out that the air fryer wasn’t particularly unclean to start.


However, followers were quick to point out in the comments that this might not be the greatest method for cleaning an air fryer.

“Oh no, ours cracked from all of this. My elements were harmed by the moisture in the water. Nearly caught fire,” said someone.

Another person stated, “There have been warnings about this and it’s actually dangerous.”

Another said, “I can’t seriously believe people are stupid enough to think doing this is safe.”


Someone said, “I put mine in the dishwasher.”

According to consumer reviews, air fryers should be cleaned after each use, even though their parts are dishwasher-safe. Although every air fryer comes with its own set of cleaning instructions, air fryer tester Larry Ciufo recommended the following:

Wash the detachable parts in warm, soapy water.
To remove any food that might be lodged in the grate or basket, use a wooden skewer or toothpick.
Utilising a moist cloth drenched in warm, soapy water, thoroughly clean the inside of the air fryer.
After using a moist cloth to clean the outside, let the equipment air dry.
Yes, each and every time. It will be to your later credit.

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