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Home and Away star Jacqui Purvis discusses important message in Mac and Felicity storyline


Jacqui Purvis, who plays Felicity Newman on the hit Australian television show Home and Away, has provided insights about the most recent plot line involving her character.

Fans of the programme will recall that Felicity used the proceeds from her inheritance to invest in Mackenzie Booth’s restaurant Salt after she encountered severe financial difficulties.

Purvis spoke with Digital Spy about her character’s new endeavour.

Therefore, she predicted, “it will be a little bumpy at first, but I think it will be a very cool dynamic in the long run.”


“Salt is Mac’s baby and has been for a long time. To have a sudden transition and now having to make decisions with someone else and not making them on your own is going to be a bit bumpy at first,” said one person.

The actress continued by saying that, despite the characters’ early growing pains, she believes their union will grow into a “exciting” one.

“I believe that the contrast between Mac and Felicity is what makes it so much fun. Felicity is a little more of the passion and enthusiasm, and Mac is more of the brains, statistics, and facts behind Salt, while Felicity is more of the marketing, events, and fun,” she said.

Purvis liked the plot as well, adding that it’s crucial to depict two powerful women standing by one another.


Because history has consistently depicted women as being opposed to one another, Emily [Weir] and I, as performers, gave it a lot of thought. Be it in a relationship, envy, attempting to seize each other’s men, or something similar.

“Watching two powerful women operate a company together, absolutely on the same page, is incredibly inspiring and uplifting. Two women who have your full support and whom you want to succeed. I’m quite eager to see how this plot develops.


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