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Home and Away star Emily Weir explains Mac’s big decision over Neve


Emily Weir, who plays Mackenzie Booth on Home and Away, has described her character’s unexpected reaction to Neve Spicer’s arrival.

Neve (Sophie Bloom) has recently arrived in Summer Bay, throwing a spanner in the works for Mac’s romance with Logan Bennett.

Logan’s ex-girlfriend, Neve, has been presumed dead for the past two years.

Logan (Harley Bonner) is now eager to help Neve, who is suffering from PTSD as a result of her army absconding.


Despite the fact that Mac regards Neve as a potential threat to her relationship, she decides to let her live with her and Logan at the pier apartment.

“Few people would be so selfless!” Emily joked to Digital Spy in an exclusive interview. I’m not sure I’d be so selfless as Emily.

“I believe Mac allows Neve to move in so she can get a better understanding of their relationship. It’s better to know the devil and all that.

“As time passes and Logan informs Mac that Neve is ill and is suffering from mental illness, Mac empathises with her since she, too, deals with her mental health on a regular basis.”


“I believe Logan has empathy, sympathy, and humanity for someone who is alone and has no one and has gone to seek Logan’s help.”

“I think Mac has every reason to be concerned about Neve in the Bay because she never knew she existed,” Emily stated of Mac perceiving Neve as a threat.

“Logan has never mentioned her, so why has she shown up now?” It comes as a major surprise to me. I believe she manages things properly and to her greatest abilities.

“After her previous experiences with Ari and Mia, I believe she wants to try something new. Despite the fact that it would be quite tough for her to do so inside, I believe she does a wonderful job.


“Initially, Mac was shocked by Neve’s entrance, but she quickly descended into terror and uncertainty.” ‘Oh my God, is this really happening again?’ she exclaimed.

“It was linked with attempting to piece together all the information, because it had just struck her in the face.”

“However, following what occurred with Ari and Mia, Mac doesn’t want to become involved and prefers to leave Logan to do what he needs to do.” She’ll have to take a bigger leap of faith and give up more control in order to do so.

“Mac needs to take a step back and believe that Logan will honour his word and not act fearfully. “I think she does a fantastic job with that.”

Emily also discussed capturing this new stumbling block in Mac and Logan’s relationship.

“I was quite excited to get my teeth into this plot,” she remarked. Exploring a new threat inside Mac’s new relationship and seeing how she would react to it, as well as whether it would be different this time than the last, was something I was really looking forward to doing.


“I was curious to see what she had learned the last time her relationship was in jeopardy.”

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