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Home and Away star Emily Davis didn’t cheer Neighbours’ demise ‘very sad for our friends’


Some soap operas, such EastEnders and Coronation Street, have long-running feuds. When award season rolls around, the performers’ competitive nature always comes out when they accept their prizes. But with the two soap operas, Down Under, that mindset is not present. The Home and Away cast expressed their sadness over Neighbours’ demise in an interview with Emily Symons.

In her reflections on Neighbours’ finale, Emily Symons acknowledged that she was saddened by the Ramsay Street program’s departure.

Despite having intermittently been in Home and Away since 1989, there was no celebration at the end of one of television’s most recognisable programmes.


When the former Emmerdale star appeared on This Morning, the topic of the venerable Australian soap immediately came up.



Emily discussed her feelings following the soap opera finale with Craig Doyle and Rochelle Humes during an interview on This Morning.

Craig made a playful remark about how Emily and the other cast members could be feeling content now that they will be receiving all of the Australian soap opera airtime in the UK.

No, no, not at all, Emily kindly disagreed with the co-host, saying, “We’re all really sad for our colleagues and our friends in Melbourne.”


Wasn’t the end of Neighbours the most beautiful episode you’ve ever seen, the soap star continued as she pondered on the show’s final episode, she said.



“It was incredibly fantastic to see all the old characters return; it was so emotional and lovely.”

In 1995, the Australian performer took on the role of Marilyn Chambers once more.


Following a seven-year run as Woolpack barmaid Louise Appleton in Emmerdale, she returned home and has since taken on the part of effervescent hairdresser Marilyn once more.


Marilyn has been a constant in the Summer Bay soap opera since since 2010.



Marilyn is one of the most well-liked characters in the history of the programme thanks to her upbeat outlook on life and inherent sense of humour.

The cancellation of Neighbours by Channel 5 after 37 years on UK television may have cemented the program’s demise. But Home and Away appears to have a brighter future than ever.


When they noticed that Neighbours, a fellow Australian soap, was no longer the flavour of the month, some lovers of Australian soaps might have assumed the worst.

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