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Home and Away spoilers: Ziggy and Dean LEAVE Summer Bay!


On Home and Away, Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson, played by Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman, respectively, are moving from Summer Bay to Queensland. (1:45 pm – listings can be found in our TV Guide).

Dean has changed his mind about going.

He doesn’t want to leave his sister, Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir), alone while she copes with the fatal disease of her partner, Gabe Miller (Akos Armont).

However, on the Australian soap opera’s current episode, direct-talking Izzy takes matters into her own hands.


In order for Dean to be closer to his small son, Jai, she announces that they would be relocating to Queensland.

Ziggy is aware that Dean won’t make the decision unless he has Mackenzie’s approval.

Will Mackenzie overcome her own concerns and give Dean the go-ahead to visit Jai?

When Ziggy and Dean depart the site where they first met and fell in love, will it mark the end of an era?


Prepare your tissues for this incredibly emotional episode!

Chemotherapy will present a hurdle for Gabe in the interim.

Mackenzie makes the tough decision to give their relationship her all.

WHAT does Mackenzie request of Gabe?


Mali Hudson (Kyle Shilling), observing all the family strife between Dean and Mackenzie, stands up for his friend Dean.

Mali believes Dean has to visit Queensland to spend time with BOTH of his children.

Mackenzie can depend on Mali to help her if she needs it.

Will Mali’s thoughtful friendship proposal to Mackenzie persuade Dean that his course of action is the right one?

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