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Home and Away spoilers: Will Leah Patterson report her brother Dimitri to the police?


On today’s episode of Home and Away, Leah Patterson (played by Ada Nicodemou) makes an ALARMING revelation.

Theo Poulos (Matt Evans, who is nominated for a Most Popular New Talent Award at this year’s Logie Awards in Australia) and Leah have both turned their backs on Theo’s abusive father, Dimitri (Salvatore Coco).

The refusal, however, has enraged Dimitri, who has retaliated by attacking Leah’s lover, Justin Morgan (James Stewart)!

When Leah and Theo arrive at Summer Bay Auto, they are surprised to find garage boss Justin on the floor, barely awake…


When Justin names Dimitri as his assailant, they both freeze!

Justin is transported to Northern District Hospital, where he experiences an epileptic fit…

Will Justin make it?

As Leah prepares to report her abusive brother, Dimitri, to the police, Theo is one step ahead of her…


The young man goes out to tell Dimitri what’s on his mind and to warn him to stay away.

When Dimitri tries to drag Theo into his car, things threaten to get even more violent!

Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), a Summer Bay cop, arrives on the scene and breaks up Theo and Dimitri’s fight.

But, when Cash interrogates both Theo and Dimitri at the police station, will Theo take advantage of the opportunity to officially denounce Dimitri’s years of violent abuse?


Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) is transferring from the city to the Yabbie Creek Police Station so she may be with her brother, Xander (Luke Van Os), in Summer Bay.

Rose, on the other hand, isn’t persuaded she’s making the proper choice.

While Xander has taken to Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost), their long-lost sister, things between the ladies remain icy.

Xander is determined to put Rose and Jasmine back together.

He suggests a healthy competition between the women in the form of a full-fledged volleyball match!

Will Xander, on the other hand, come to regret his endeavour to play peacekeeper?


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