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Home and Away Spoilers – Will Jasmine let her siblings into her life?


Mackenzie dials up the glam as she risks everything to rescue her business next week on Home and Away in the UK, and will Jasmine accept her siblings into her life?

When Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) proposed an illegal poker night at Salt to raise desperately needed funds, business owner Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) laughed it off, saying she’d never take such a risk.

The restaurant is on the verge of closing after Mac learned that an insurance settlement she was counting on in the aftermath of the organophosphate assault on the surf club has been denied.

Despite the fact that Flick’s job was first lost as a result of the drastic cuts Mac was forced to make to Salt’s operating expenditures, Flick refused to give up and eventually discovered the truth when she discovered Mac crying in the storeroom. Mac realised that Team Salt needed to work together when Flick pushed him to join her for a beer and made her ridiculous idea.


Mac will try to keep the truth from his boyfriend Logan next week. Mac’s brother Dean (Patrick O’Connor) had proposed that Mac tell Logan in the hopes of receiving financial assistance, but Mac flatly refused.

So Logan is naturally perplexed when a debt collector (Oliver Cooney) knocks on his house and leaves his card with the request that Mac contact him within 24 hours.

When Logan investigates her, Mac claims ignorance and subsequently dismisses the debt as a car payment that went haywire due to a direct debit mix-up.

Although Mac declines the loan offer, Logan decides to take care of the obligation on his own. Although first annoyed, Mac expresses gratitude and assures Logan that she will repay every dime.


The next day, though, when the delinquent invoices continue to pile up, Mac realises she must take serious measures… So she phones Flick to talk more about her poker night idea.

When Flick discloses that the illegal events they organised at her prior employment could easily bring in over $10,000 per night, Mac is taken aback. Mac’s second-in-command, Ryder (Lukas Radovich), begins to wonder what the problem is with all the covert chats they’re having as the two discuss the finer points.

When Mac finally decides to arrange the poker tournament, Flick suggests holding it that evening.

As the preparations begin to take shape, Flick’s excitement gets the best of her, and she lets her guard down in front of Ryder, forcing Mac to reveal their plans while pledging him to secrecy. On the good side, they’ve finally found their bartender!


That night, Salt is converted into a glittering casino floor, and while an apprehensive Mac feels out of her element, Flick is quite at home as she takes on hosting responsibilities with lover Tane (Ethan Browne).

Other Summer Bay residents are surprised by the abrupt closing of Salt, with Logan, Dean, Justin (James Stewart), and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) all frozen at the bottom of the stairs in amazement at the emergence of a ‘Closed for private gathering’ sign.

As the four try to make sense of the situation, Logan calls Mac to see if they can still order some takeout.

When Mac hears Logan calling, she panics and hurries downstairs to inform the potential diners that the kitchen is closed for the evening.

The gang unhappily disperses after learning that their usual meal source is no longer available, but not before they see Nathan (Ryan Panizza), a well-dressed gentleman, enter and be promptly escorted upstairs by Mac.

Tane manages to win large when playing against Nathan, an old acquaintance of Flick’s, and the evening is a major success.


The amount of money Mac, Flick, and Ryder have made astounded them all.

When Mac meets up with Logan the next day, she’s walking on air because he realises that the function must have brought in a lot of money for her—and he’s right!

Will Flick and Ryder be eager to learn when the next poker night is, and will Mac be able to resist temptation…?

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