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Home and Away spoilers: Romance for newcomer Naomi and Nikau after lifesaving drama?


In order to allow Bella (Courtney Miller) to pursue her ambitions while he focuses on his own in the Bay with his lifeguard work, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) recently made the difficult choice to let her move to New York without him. Even though he knows what he did was the right thing, he can’t help but be overcome with sorrow and talk to his girlfriend as much as he can.

He is cut off by the lifeguard radio during one of his calls because there is a swimmer in trouble in the water. Nikau goes out to the rescue after telling Bella he needs to leave. While Nikau enters the rescue boat to search for her missing sister, John (Shane Withington) is attempting to calm a woman down on the shore.

Nikau zooms around and completes numerous loops with the boat, but she is nowhere to be located in the turbulent seas. He continues to look despite having no luck and won’t give up. His efforts are rewarded as he sees a woman’s head emerge from the water and cry out for assistance before it vanishes once more. Nikau leaps in right away and drags her out, but she is unconscious.

Back on the beach, Naomi watches in tears as her sister Nikau gives CPR to the unconscious woman. After considerable persistence, Nikau rolls her into the recovery position, and the woman eventually resumes breathing. As the woman is being carried into an ambulance, John commends him for performing such a cool-headed rescue; without him, the woman would have perished.


The following day, Naomi shows up at the Surf Club and requests permission to accompany Nikau to lunch as a thank-you. Nikau declines formally, but John steps forward and accepts on Nikau’s behalf. What does Nikau mean when he offers John daggers after Naomi has left? John argues that Nikau can provide Naomi with the closure she likely seeks. Nikau is concerned that it might be viewed as a date.

When Nikau and John finally meet in Salt, they discover they have more in common than they initially assumed. John advises Nikau to dress appropriately for the supper. Is a brand-new relationship in the works?

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