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Home and Away spoilers: PK lures Mackenzie to his hotel to ‘repay’ her debts


Mysterious newcomer PK (Ryan Johnson) has persuaded a debt-ridden Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to host a high-roller poker night, and the bar owner is going to great lengths to make sure all of his needs are met.

He visits Salt ahead of the big event to speak with her and informs her that he does not want Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) to attend because she is the sister of a cop. Mackenzie reluctantly informs her colleague of the situation.

Felicity heads to her front door to check on Mackenzie as the event begins that evening, but she is quickly stopped by Nathan (Ryan Panizza) and a burly stranger. PK wants to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t go anywhere…

Meanwhile, everything is going swimmingly in Salt until PK strolls up to the bar and delivers a devastating blow to Mackenzie. She owes the players $100,000 because the House lost. Isn’t she capable of handling that?


Mackenzie starts to panic – more debt?! PK assures her that she need not be concerned; he will take care of her. Mack is overjoyed, but PK assures her that she will find a way to repay him. He smiles suggestively as he hands her a card with his hotel address on it.

Will Mackenzie go to PK’s hotel room to’repay’ her debts, or will she turn him down and risk getting even more into trouble with this mysterious gambler?

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