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Home and Away spoilers: Lukas Radovich teases possible exit for Ryder with big new plan to ‘live his best life’


Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) may be leaving Home and Away in the near future, as he re-evaluates his life and embarks on an expedition in order to ‘live his best life.’

In recent weeks, the Summer Bay mainstay has been at the centre of a significant plot after he teamed up with pal Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) to address his financial difficulties.

He enlisted Theo’s help in coming up with challenges and pranks, which the two would video and post online in the hopes of generating some quick cash.

Ryder came up with the idea of being buried alive after they had some success with their videos and said they could livestream it online.


In principle, it sounded like a good idea, but catastrophe struck on the day of the stunt when Theo stumbled and collapsed on his way back to a distraught Ryder, trapping him underneath for hours.

Ryder was eventually rescued, but it’s safe to say that the near-death experience has left him shaken.

‘He’s not coping well with being buried alive!,’ actor Lukas Radovich told ‘The experience has left him with some PTSD.’

Despite what transpired, Lukas told us that Ryder doesn’t blame Theo because it was his character’s decision to pull the trick.


‘Once Theo explains why he wasn’t there to help him, Ryder understands and doesn’t blame him; instead, he blames himself for thinking up the notion in the first place.’

While Ryder has shown patience, Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) has had the opposite reaction, and he has made it his mission to make Theo pay.

In upcoming scenes, Alf accuses Theo of stealing the Polaris, which will air on Channel 5 next week.

When Ryder finds out what he’s done, it’s safe to say he’ll be furious!


‘He’s furious with his Grandfather because Theo is one of his best friends,’ Lukas continued, ‘as he realises during the plot that just ended.’

‘He doesn’t want to ruin that relationship, and he believes his Grandfather is intruding on his personal relationships, which he shouldn’t be because Ryder is an adult who can make his own decisions.’

‘I believe they’ve always had their tense periods.’ It’s a natural part of growing up, and there’s a certain amount of tug-of-war in that relationship. There are times when you believe they won’t be able to repair it because they’ve done so much harm.

‘Ryder isn’t going to back down, and Alf isn’t either, so there isn’t much room for anything else after they’ve reached a stalemate.’

Lukas mentioned that Ryder should be allowed to make his own decisions as an adult, and he said that this is exactly what fans should expect to see in the future.

‘Ryder determines that he needs to be the one making crucial life decisions,’ the singer teased, hinting at what’s to come.


‘He makes a future plan for himself that allows him to live his best life and travel throughout the world.’

Is this an indication that Ryder is departing Summer Bay? We’ll have to wait and see.

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