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Home and Away spoilers: Ethan Browne reveals major tragedy ahead for Tane Parata


Tane Parata (Ethan Brown) from Home and Away has had enough heartbreak to last a lifetime.

However, there will be more tragedy to come.

Following his fatal ordeal at the hands of stalker Anne Sherman, the Summer Bay favourite is only now getting his life back on track (Megan Smart).

But things quickly turned sour when Ari (Rob Ripa-Williams), Mia’s older brother, falsely confessed to the murder of Matthew Montgomery in order to protect Mia and Chloe Anderson.


Tane decides to stand up now that Ari is behind bars and pays a visit to his brother in prison.

Actor Ethan Browne told, ‘It’s incredibly difficult for him.’ ‘He despises it and wishes things might be different.’ He must, however, maintain his strength for the sake of his family.’

Meanwhile, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is unable to cope with the prospect of losing Ari, and despite his inability to change it, he considers leaving Summer Bay.

Tane, on the other hand,’shuts him down.’


He’s resolved to assist Nikau, and he later tells Mia that he’s devised a strategy. However, the plan in issue requires them to leave Summer Bay for a short time, so Mia and Chloe wish them farewell.

Tana educates Nikau about the Taiaha, a traditional Mori weapon, and Nikau is about to embark on a rite of passage.

‘It’s a way for us Mori to ground ourselves and reconnect with our ancestors,’ Ethan explained.

‘The goal is to give Nikau concentration, strength, and centre him so he can be strong in the face of his current family circumstances and what it may bring.’


Tane is showing himself when it comes to stepping up and being there for his family, but Ethan warned that, despite everything Tane has been through recently, there is still more tragedy to come.

‘Tane has more tragedy ahead of him before the storm passes,’ he admitted.

The question is, what exactly is this tragedy about? And how much more suffering can Tane take?

We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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