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Home and Away spoilers: Leah Patterson gets a late-night FRIGHT!


accepting responsibility for Heather Fraser’s irrational behaviour on Home and Away, she is not pleased (1:45pm – see our TV Guide for listings)…

The fact that Heather is Marilyn’s long-lost daughter will remain a secret, per Leah’s agreement.

Leah, however, disapproves of Marilyn risking her own reputation in order to defend Heather.

What more is Heather capable of if she was responsible for cutting John Palmer’s (Shane Withington) automobile tyres?


Leah makes the decision to approach Heather at the Caravan Park, letting her know that she is aware of the truth regarding Heather’s identity and motivation for visiting Summer Bay.

Leah will report Heather’s twisted games to the police if she doesn’t stop.

Will Leah regret meeting Heather, though?

Leah is surprised to find the Morgan house completely destroyed when she gets home from work.


Is Heather now making Leah the subject of a personal attack?

James Stewart’s character, Justin Morgan, is still struggling to manage Lyrik’s new band while also maintaining Summer Bay Autos.

Justin feels under pressure to improve when the band’s most recent performance is not well received by the audience.

Justin visits Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) to try and renegotiate an agreement for Lyrik to resume performing at Salt in an effort to reverse the band’s success.


Prior to this, Justin and Mackenzie had a fight regarding the conditions of Lyrik’s gigs at Salt.

It is obvious that they both stand to benefit if Lyrik goes back to Salt.

But are Justin and Mackenzie willing to set aside their obstinate pride and relaunch their joint venture?

Mackenzie observes conflict between her brother Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) and his unborn lover Ziggy Astoni in other scenes (Sophie Dillman).

WHAT has Dean done this time to enrage Ziggy?

When things get difficult, Mackenzie tries to give Dean some sound advise by pointing out that being a supportive partner can occasionally require serving as an emotional target.


Will Dean put aside his resentment for Ziggy and their unborn child’s sake?

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