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Home and Away Spoilers – It’s relaunch time! Felicity makes her mark on Salt


This week on Australian television’s Home and Away, Felicity is eager to establish herself as Salt’s new co-owner, with a little assistance from some old pals.

This week, Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purivs) makes her imprint as Salt’s new co-owner by planning a unique performance to celebrate the restaurant’s reopening.

After receiving a fine for hosting illegal poker nights, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) felt she had no choice but to list Salt for sale last week due to the enormous debt that would be added to her already enormous debts.

Mac ultimately came to the conclusion that she couldn’t give up a majority control of her business to a complete stranger, despite the fact that she and Flick had met with a number of investors, one of whom had even made a good offer.


Flick had an idea when the restaurant was being put up for sale, and after talking to Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), she made Mac an offer: she would use her inheritance, or her share of the sale of their late father’s farm, to make an investment in Salt.

Flick felt insulted when Mac immediately rejected the plan, but she later revealed that she didn’t want to chance risking her friend’s money after losing all of her own.

When Cash gave Mac a pep talk, telling her that Flick genuinely thought they could turn the company around, Mac eventually swallowed her pride and decided to work with Flick.

Before leaving to visit lawyers in the city, the group toasted their new collaboration.


Upon her return this week, Flick is overjoyed to inform Tane (Ethan Browne) that she is now formally the new co-owner of Salt.

A session in the bedroom follows, but their joy is cut short by some noise on the street, and they are perplexed to hear loud music blasting…

Flick instantly realises what’s going on, and as soon as she’s dressed, she dashes outdoors to discover a full-fledged concert going on in the cul-de-sac!

Tane is still perplexed when Flick explains that they are her old friends who had unexpectedly arrived, as she was telling him about them.


“Flick’s new acquaintances, like her, are energised people!” According to Jacqui, Yahoo Lifestyle. They’re a member of a band that once performed at the pub where she worked, thus they have a great history!

Jacqui continued, “The group really brings out the playful, spontaneous side of Flick, which is always a wonderful ride.

Lead vocalist Bob (Rob Mallett), keyboardist Kirby (Angelina Thomson), guitarist Remi (Adam Rowland), and bassist Eden make up the group Lyrik (Stephanie Panozzo).

As they catch up, the bandmates explain to Flick that things are difficult, they’re feeling burned out, and many of their friendships are under strain because the group has been on the road for more than a year. The couple Bob and Kirby are really feeling the strain.

The band can perform at Salt for their re-launch, thanks to Flick’s brilliant solution!

The only issue is that Flick hasn’t yet gotten Mac’s approval, who quickly rejects the suggestion because it doesn’t quite fit the restaurant’s aesthetic and they hardly have enough money to pay the band.


In the end, Flick persuades Mac to take the job, but she is told that if it is a complete failure, it will be on her head!

Flick encourages the band to stay at the house in the interim, where they quickly evade Tane’s notice. Everywhere he turns, he sees equipment scattered around, and soon it gets to be too much, so he stops their jam in the middle and tells them to start doing the cleanup themselves.

When the band performs later in the week, it appears that none of the audience members’ worries were warranted, but Cash is eager to try and flee right immediately.

When Eden spots him, she immediately leaps off the stage and into his arms, making the cause immediately evident.

“Good day, stranger!” Temptingly, Eden says, “Long time no see!”

There is undoubtedly a past between the two, one that Flick seemed to have been completely oblivious of—until now!

Later that night, Flick confronts Eden at home and asks if she has anything she wants to tell her about Cash.

Eden eventually decides to crash with Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) on his bed, asking him to move over when she storms in during the middle of the night, as if she hadn’t already made enough waves.

Nik’s cries are ignored as she lays down next to him and covers his mouth with her hand to smother him as she turns over to sleep.

If Nik’s girlfriend Bella (Courtney Miller) finds out, it won’t go down well, but Eden isn’t the only lady Nik needs to be concerned about.

While Bella is away in New York for three months, Nik has already made friends with nurse Naomi (Jamaica Vaughan), whom he saved from drowning while on a beach patrol.

Nik was hesitant to accept her invitation to lunch until John (Shane Withington) persuaded him to do so. The two eventually ran into one other again when Nik spent the previous week spending the night in the hospital after tripping on a sea urchin.

The majority of the evening was spent in conversation between the two, and Nik expressed a desire to get together again soon.

But this week, it’s clear that Naomi is beginning to consider Nik as more than just a buddy, and when he unintentionally agrees to go on a date with her, Nik finds himself in a horrible predicament!

Nik’s hasty response is extremely damaging to Naomi.

Is Nik going to completely forgo having any female companions since he is so committed to Bella?

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