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Home and Away Spoilers! colby is arrested for ross’s murder by Angelo

Coming up next week at Home and Away in the UK, Colby’s world is crashing down when a confession from a new witness helps Angelo to arrest him for Ross’s murder…

The major problem or concern for Detective Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz) was the Investigate the murder. While he was confident that Ross’ stepson, Sergeant Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin), had committed the crime, he has so far been unable to prove it.

Over the past few months, more and more people in Colby’s inner circle have heard the truth about Colby’s shame, but so far nobody has spoken about Angelo’s anger.

In the meantime, in an effort to get closer to the investigation, Colby came up with a scheme to have an affair with Angelo’s wife, Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson), so that he might be able to hear about any new developments.

It wasn’t long until Angelo found out about the affair and decided to play Colby at his own game, giving Taylor a buggy necklace that would relay all their messages back to Angelo.

When Angelo told Colby’s sister Bella (Courtney Miller) that he was aware of the affair, she and Willow (Sarah Roberts) were astounded when Colby declined to take it seriously. Instead, he insisted that Angelo was bluffing, and decided it was time to make his next move—using this knowledge to persuade Taylor to help him get the keys to Angelo’s archives.

As Colby took it all in his footsteps, and seemed to revel in doing so, the defeated Bella knew that her brother was beyond support. In that moment, Bella decided that she couldn’t stand by and watch Colby wreck his life and those of his loved ones, and she would take up the offer of her boyfriend Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) to travel to New Zealand with him.

Last week—secretly knowing that Colby was about to fire through his locked files after Taylor slipped his keys—Angelo cornered Colby in his office, and they eventually had their showdown over the affair.

Without remorse, Colby declined to take advantage of Taylor’s status and believed that he simply fell for a beautiful woman who had been ignored by her husband. He proceeded to gloat when he wondered if Angelo was going to arrest him for sleeping with his mum, because that was what he had to do with him.

While he saw something on Colby’s nerve, Angelo knew he was right. Given the revelation of the affair, he was still no closer to proving that Colby was responsible for the murder of Ross.

But as the week was coming to a close, Angelo’s luck seemed to have changed drastically. A new mystery witness came forwards and made a damning accusation about Colby.

On the phone to his supervisor in the city, who commended his attempts to acquire new facts, Angelo was told that the evidence was circumstantial, and the arrest of Colby would be risky—but ultimately it was his decision.

When we pick up this week’s action, the fallout continues as Angelo and Taylor sit down to discuss what comes next. As the distraught Taylor asks whether Angelo feels their marriage has a future, Angelo says it depends on whether she’s willing to make a statement against Colby. Taylor is incensed by the fact that Angelo appears to be putting his investigation first, right now, and is storming out.

Later that night, Colby runs into Angelo at Salt, and he can’t resist going any more. Angelo barely manages to keep him calm, and he tells Colby he’s going to regret it.

When Colby comes home, Bella discovers that she packs her luggage and learns that she moves to New Zealand the very next day. With even more friction between the two, after Colby dragged Paratas down to the police station after their run-in with Paul and his heavies, Colby told Bella that she wasn’t thinking straight. He can’t believe how impenetrable Bella was by telling Nik the truth about Ross’s murder.

Bella calls him out of his own carelessness when she follows Colby’s instructions to stop packing.

The next morning, Bella says her final farewell to Irene (Lynne McGranger) at the dinner before Mackenzie (Emily Weir) drives her and Nik to the airport. Colby enters and stubbornly refuses to say good-bye to Bella. But as she’s about to leave, Angelo and a squad of officers are coming down.

Colby is incredulous, when Angelo reveals to all that he is putting him under investigation for the murder of Ross.

When Murray (John-Paul Jory) turns up with a search warrant for Colby’s apartment, Colby’s friends can only watch Angelo drag him to the police car with a massive amount of satisfaction.

As news of the arrest filters through the harbour, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) panics, knowing that Colby is a loose cannon. Dean, Willow, Mackenzie, Nik and Bella are all nervously waiting for Colby to be interviewed and then thrown into a cell by his own colleagues.

Angelo lets Bella talk to Colby in the cell, and he tells her that for Angelo to arrest him, he’s got to have something different on him.

Later, Angelo told Colby that he had set the time for the magistrate to see him, and how he wanted to insure that Colby would not be bailed out. He has every intention of keeping Colby in custody. Colby reminds him that holding a cop in jail is a death sentence, but Angelo answers coolly that he should have thought about it before…

With Colby alienating a lot of people in the know in recent weeks, there’s definitely no shortage of suspects who Angelo’s enigmatic Witness X may be.

Check out the trailer given by Channel 5 below as we step closer to learning who brought Colby down!

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