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Home and Away spoilers: Chloe is smuggled out of Summer Bay forever?


Sam Barrett’s character, Chloe, has been working excessive hours lately while also trying to work for Tane at the gym (Ethan Browne). However, after Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) advised her to concentrate on her aspirations and let the Diner go, her life has become a little bit easier.

After Chloe discovers the real reason Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Tane have been acting so cagey and overly protective lately, things are about to shift again. Recently, the bikies have intensified their intimidation strategies by telling Tane that they will be utilising the gym to launder money.

As the news begins to sink in, Tex (Lucas Lineham) refuses to give Tane any time to unwind and instead stays close to the Paratas. Tane offers the gang more money than he owes them out of desperation, but they have changed their minds and believe the Gym is more valuable to them as a base for their money-laundering operation.

Tex warns Tane that if he refuses, Chloe will be hurt in an effort to make his point clear. The crew then stalks Tane and Nikau on their bikes, making it plain that they are not playing around. Chloe is abruptly smuggled, terrified, to a nearby motel as a result of this development compelling the men to take action.



Tane warns her that she is in danger and must immediately board a flight to New Zealand. She also needs to phone Theo (Matt Evans) and let him know she won’t be able to see him for a time because failing to do so could put him in danger as well.

Chloe locks herself in the bathroom because she is overwhelmed. What does this imply for her present, her relationship with Theo, and her future?

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