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Home and Away legend Alf Stewart quits Summer Bay after 34 years


After 34 years, Alf Stewart, a character on Home and Away, is leaving. Will he return?

Recently, the figure startled fans when he revealed to his daughter Roo that he intended to move away from Summer Bay to be with his soul love Martha.

But according to actor Ray Meagher, his character would be “devastated” to leave The Bay permanently.

Alf’s choice in Home and Away
When Alf returned from his vacation to Merimbula, he was obviously in a terrible mood and started to think about his life in Summer Bay.


After doing some research, a worried Roo learned that Martha is sticking put in Merimbula.

“[Roo] is not happy about it at all; she wants them to get back together and be happy,” Ray stated in a statement to

He goes on to clarify that from Roo’s perspective, it appears her mother is tearing them apart because the reason she gave her a kidney was so Martha and Alf could spend more time together.

He said, “He thought about it for a long time before deciding to leave The Bay.


Roo obviously finds that hard to believe, but I believe that she ultimately believes that she is unable to stop him.

Is Alf really leaving?
Ray predicted that Roo would frequently see Alf if he were to leave.

Alf soon rejects Roo’s suggestion that he divide his time between the two and decides to leave permanently.

Alf will leave in later scenes, but is that it?


Ray responded, “Well, I don’t know, he’ll go to Merimbula and I would have expected one of the objectives would be to try and bring Martha back to Summer Bay,” when asked if this was the last time we saw Alf at Summer Bay.

Alf would be “devastated” to leave The Bay forever, he noted, but Martha and Alf might be able to reach a solution.

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