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Home and Away Spoilers – A wedding, new characters and a return


We examine everything we know is coming up between now and the 2022 season finale, as well as a few things from early next year, as we approach the final few months of the year.

Tane and Felicity’s wedding
When Flick admitted that she wasn’t sure if marriage or having children would ever be for her, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) experienced turmoil.

But during the coming weeks, Tane should pop the question to Felicity. A fan’s video of filming at Sydney’s Palm Beach in May shows Tane getting down on one knee as other figures, who are now thought to be the Lyrik band members, look on.

The video appeared to show Felicity walking away in disbelief, indicating Tane would not get an immediate yes, but it appears that she accepts his proposal in the end.


Nicholas Cartwright, who plays Cash, almost formally confirmed the information. Didn’t Tane and Flick just get engaged, a viewer inquired during a fan Q&A session with CelebTime. Nicholas laughed and questioned how the fans already knew this information.

How do you know that, because that’s meant to be a secret, is a genuine question.

The suggestion ought to be imminent given that this week’s events have made Tane rethink his life. He is among the first to find out Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is expecting when he enters the garage and finds her lying on the ground.

Thinking about the future of his own relationship prompts him to consider the impending birth of his ex-child. girlfriend’s


It appears that the wedding will take place a few months after the proposal, which will happen soon.

A number of the Home and Away cast members travelled to Blayney, a town in Central West NSW, around 240 kilometres west of Sydney, in August to shoot some significant new sequences that will probably show at or close to the 2022 season finale.

Ethan Browne and Jacqui Purvis were observed by onlookers wearing suits and white dresses, indicating that their wedding will close the year in style.

But it looks like things won’t go as planned, and a terrible catastrophe is about to happen.


dramatic auto accident
A local person posted a picture from the Blayney production on social media showing a broken automobile resting beneath a tree surrounded by crew personnel.

Despite the absence of any cast members from the photo, we can affirm that Leah Patterson’s automobile is in it (Ada Nicodemou).

Leah was seen in another shot from the session with blood on her face and belly, which suggests that she was in the car at the time, possibly as the driver or a passenger. This photo was also taken by a fan.

There is currently no information regarding whether Justin (James Stewart), who was there during the filming, was in the car with Leah or if there were any other passengers.

However, it appears that Theo’s nephew is safe because Matt Evans was seen filming sequences at Palm Beach that same week while the other filming crew was in Blayney.

In response to a request for comment from The Blayney Chronicle during the filming, Seven provided the following response:


The lovely Blayney area is currently the site of some location shooting for the TV show Home and Away.

These scenes will appear in episodes that will air on Channel 7 and 7Plus at a later time.

Using “special effects of fire and smoke, and prop emergency vehicles,” local residents were forewarned in a letter dropped at their homes.

The likelihood that the collision wasn’t an accident is very high. Recently televised scenes in Australia revealed that the bikie gang Death Adders, wanting retribution against the Parata family, had ordered a hit on Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright).

Cash and the gang’s leader Marty (Ben Wood) got into a violent gunfight, which resulted in Marty’s death. The remaining gang members are now seeking revenge, and Cash is their intended victim.

Tane also contributed significantly to the gang’s demise by wearing a wire to record their confession, which provided the police with enough proof to apprehend them.

Our suspicion is that Cash, Tane, and Nikau’s lives will return to some kind of normalcy before the group returns at Tane and Felicity’s wedding, with Leah probably suffering collateral damage. The season finale is still a little under three months away.

Peter Phelps is scheduled to appear
Peter Phelps, an Australian actor best known for his appearances in Sons and Daughters, Stingers, and Baywatch, appears set to appear later this year, most likely in connection with the sequences shot in Blayney.

Fans noticed him during the on-location filming last month, and in late July, he attended dinner with the cast and crew at the Royal Hotel Wyong.

He has previously appeared on the show as Alan, Stu Henderson’s father, in 2012. He has also directed a number of episodes.

The actor was wearing a blue suit in the fan photo that was shot in Blayney, suggesting that he was most likely there to film sequences for Tane and Felicity’s wedding rather than acting as a director.

a festive occasion
Several members of the Home and Away cast travelled to Iandra Castle, a sizable farmstead in New South Wales’ Central West, in May to shoot scenes for the show.

A chapel, a cemetery, stables, surrounding gardens, and parkland make up the complex in addition to the farmhouse itself.

On the set, wearing bright clothing, were the actors who played Alf (Ray Meagher), Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Roo (Georgie Parker), Marilyn (Emily Symons), and Irene (Lynne McGranger).

Constable Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier), Senior Constable Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), and paramedic Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) are the three emergency service members of Summer Bay. They were also filming; images of Rose and Xander in their respective uniforms can be found on Kirsty and Ada’s Instagram accounts.

What brings the four Summer Bay veterans, along with the town’s newest police officers and paramedics, out to the rural area is still a mystery.

One hypothesis is that Rose’s award ceremony is taking place.

After directing the operation that dismantled the bikie gang, Rose was recently astonished to learn that she had been recommended for a commendation for “showing initiative in taking down organised crime.”

She didn’t think she deserved praise after the procedure resulted in Cash being shot, but Cash and Xander have made an effort to persuade her otherwise.

In just a few weeks, we should learn whether this notion is true or whether a different occasion is in store.

As Ziggy gives birth, Karen reappears?

Fans recently spotted Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) mother Karen (Georgia Adamson) while filming at Sydney’s Palm Beach.

The last time Dean allowed Karen to see his son Jai was in March (River Jarvis). Is she returning to greet her newest grandchild this time?

Recently, Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman), who is expecting Dean Thompson’s child, learned of her pregnancy.

Ziggy received the news just as she made the decision to go after her ambition of competing in surfing competitions across the nation; however, now that she has learned she is pregnant, she may need to put that desire on hold once more.

New images from the set now imply that Ziggy gives birth successfully and that Dean and she are poised to become parents.

On September 7th, Emily Symons (Marilyn), Georgia Adamson (Karen), Sophie Dillman (Ziggy), Patrick O’Connor (Dean), and, most notably, a baby’s pram were all visible in a photo that Lynne McGranger (Irene) shared to Instagram.

These scenes will probably appear in February because Home and Away films episodes four to five months in advance of when they show.

Fans are unsure if Ziggy will have reached full term by that point because she just found out she’s expecting.

We do not yet know the exact stage of Ziggy’s pregnancy, and it is likely that she is further advanced than she is aware of. She and Dean attend their first ultrasound in this week’s episodes, which should help us determine Ziggy’s due date.

Another possibility, a little out of left field, is that Karen, who recently got back together with her ex-boyfriend Brett Maloney (Aaron Glenane), is the mother of the infant.

Maleeka Gasbarri’s new character Stacey made her on-screen debut in episode 7882, which aired on September 15 in Australia.

Remi took the nurse home immediately after Dr. Bree rejected her (Juliet Godwin).

Although she was listed as a guest character, it appears that she made more than one appearance. Maleeka has been spotted shooting at various times over the previous few months while working out on the beach while wearing a Summer Bay Fit uniform.

The nurse’s outfit she wore when she initially appeared is a dramatic contrast to her Summer Bay Fit attire. What will lead her to lose her work at Northern Districts Hospital or to leave in order to start a new profession as a fitness instructor?

Fans have begun to wonder whether Stacey and Xander would start dating after Maleeka was seen filming scenes with Luke Van Os.

When asked if he believed his character will find love, Luke grinned and said, “There might be some stuff coming up, you’ll have to wait and see,” in a recent interview with CelebTime.

Dr. Bree and Remi test the limits of their friendship.

Early in August, Dr. Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) made her television debut as the physician attending to Cash, who had suffered severe injuries in the gunfight at the bikie gang’s warehouse.

Bree has a backstory and tale of her own that fans will witness unfold over the next few months. Like many new faces in the Bay, she is more than meets the eye.

According to Juliet, who spoke with TV Week, her character is a “laid-back, sympathetic doctor who likes a laugh,” but she comes to the bay “in need of a fresh start.”

By revealing that she is married, Bree has given us our first glimpse into her past.

In recent weeks, Remi (Adam Rowland), who is looking for love or, at the very least, his next hookup in Summer Bay, has sought to win over the new doctor.

Bree initially refused Remi, but she eventually agreed to go out for a drink. But after the night was over, she went home by herself, denting Remi’s ego.

Remi persisted in trying to win Bree over even after he was admitted to the hospital, asking her why she won’t just give him a shot. After giving in, she finally admits that she has a valid excuse: “I’m married!”

She explained that the reason her husband, Jacob, wasn’t present at the time was because he was a fly-in, fly-out mechanic on the mines. They fell in love when they first met in high school.

Remi and Bree’s bond grows over the next few weeks, though, and they almost cross a boundary.

Is there more between them even if they agree to only be friends? Will we ever get to meet Bree’s enigma husband?

Home and Away for 2022 probably has a little more than two months remaining.

The actual air date for this year’s season finale won’t be known until much closer to the event, but in previous years it has typically occurred in the last few weeks of November.

In the lead-up to the year’s final episodes, we’ll keep bringing you the most recent spoilers.

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