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Home and Away reveals a dark secret from Xander Delaney’s past


As Xander Delaney faces a hard situation, Home and Away has revealed more insights from his history.

On Tuesday’s edition of Channel 7 in Australia, Xander was given a rude awakening when fellow newcomer Millie used secrets from his history against him.

Millie spoke with Xander about the recent automobile accident that unfortunately killed her friend Jo in this week’s episodes in Australia.

Millie was in a bad accident with Logan Bennett’s automobile a few weeks ago. Millie and Logan escaped major injuries, but Jo died tragically on the scene.


Logan is suspected of being at fault by Summer Bay police, who believe he was speeding at the time of the crash.

Millie, on the other hand, has told Xander that she now remembers being distracted by her phone right before the crash, casting doubt on Logan’s guilt.

In the most recent episode of Home and Away, Xander put pressure on Millie to tell the police the truth.

Xander felt it was unfair for Logan to continue to shoulder the brunt of the guilt, but Millie countered that if the local doctor was speeding, he was still responsible.


Xander’s sister Rose got concerned that he was becoming unduly close to Millie as he continued to spend time with her and urged her to come clean.

Rose hinted at this not being the first time in a private discussion, assuring him: “This is not going to happen again. Keep your distance from her.”

When Millie informed Xander that she had been delving into his past, everything became evident.

Millie had discovered after some investigating that Xander had been the subject of an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) for harassing.


Xander argued that it had been a long time, but Millie threatened to falsely accuse him of harassing her if he didn’t keep quiet about the crash.

More facts of Xander’s past misbehaviour remained a mystery, but it was clear that Millie had gained the upper hand and was using it against him.

Fans of Home and Away will be able to view these moments on Channel 5 in July.

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