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Home and Away Morgans now – drug arrest, unrecognisable and dating child of A-list icon


What have the other actors been doing since leaving the soap opera because there is only one member of the Morgan family remained in Summer Bay since they originally came there in 2016?

The Morgan family is one of the more recent of several famous families that have evolved into essential parts of Home and Away throughout the years.

The Morgan family, which consists of Justin, Tori, Brody, and Mason, arrived in Summer Bay in 2016 with the hope of leaving behind their troubled past.

A few months after they arrived, the siblings met their younger half-sister, Raffy Morgan, who was the offspring of their mother, Kate Lee, and the family’s witness protection officer, Atticus Decker.


The family’s head Justin (James Stewart), the only Morgan still living in Summer Bay, is presently having trouble adjusting to the birth of his daughter Ava.

Tori and Brody, two of his siblings, have moved away from the Bay to start new lives, leaving him without them. Mason, the youngest member of the family, suffered a tragic end when he was shot and killed during a hospital siege.

The Daily Star has looked at what Justin’s on-screen siblings have been up to after they departed the soap opera as he continues to live his life without them.

Tori Morgan – Penny McNamee


In May 2016, the second sibling, Tori, moved to Summer Bay with her siblings and took the position of the local physician.

After five rough years, Tori relocated to London with her daughter Grace and her new husband Christian Green (Ditch Davey).

Before being cast as Tori, 40-year-old Penny went for multiple parts and called it her “dream job.”

Prior to dominating television as the first Morgan sister, Penny had a wildly prosperous career in musical theatre.


The former soap actress is a triple threat and is most known for playing Nessarose in the original Australian production of Wicked, for which she won the 2009 Green Room Award for most Female in a Featured Role.

The actress, who was nominated for a Mo Award for Best New Talent, created the part of Jennifer Gabriel in Cameron Mackintosh’s production of The Witches of Eastwick.

Before moving back to Australia, Penny spent several years living and working in the US, where she also appeared in the 2006 horror movie See No Evil.

The mother of two has made appearances in several American programmes, including Elementary and Blue Bloods.

In the HBO miniseries The Pacific, starring Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, Penny played the role of Hope in 2010.

Penny revealed she had made an incredible comeback to Home and Away at the beginning of March, but this time she was contributing her abilities elsewhere.


The actress revealed she is now a writer for the soap opera by posting a picture of the credits page with her name on it on Instagram.

Penny is not her family’s only well-known member; Jessica McNamee, an actress who appeared in Home and Away in 2007 as well as the Hollywood films The Vow and The Meg, is her older sister.

She is also the aunt of Tegan Croft, a 19-year-old actress, and the cousin of Madelaine Collignon, a Prime7 newsreader.

The Sydney-born actress wed Matt Tooker in 2009 after they had first connected at a school music camp ten years earlier.

Jack, the couple’s son, and Neve, their daughter.

Brody Morgan – Jackson Heywood

Jackson Heywood, the first of his siblings to leave Home and Away, doing so three years after making his television debut as Brody Morgan.

Simone Bedford (Emily Eskell) and Brody Bedford (Sophie Dillman) fled the Bay for a new beginning when Brody cheated on Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) with Simone Bedford.

Jackson made the most of his independence shortly after saying goodbye to Brody by revealing a major hair transition and seeming entirely different from the role he portrayed for three years.

The actor posted a selfie on Instagram showing him with newly shaven, bleached blonde hair, giving him a new appearance.

The 34-year-old actor first appeared on the serial opera in 2009 when he was cast as Lachie Cladwell, so Brody wasn’t the first role that brought him to Summer Bay.

Jackson moved to Los Angeles before the release of Home and Away in order to seek a career there.

In 2014, he was cast in a guest role on Teen Wolf. The following year, he made appearances in The Answers and The Weight of Blood and Bones, two short films.

Jackson and Phoebe Tonkin were cast in the 2019 season of the Stan television series Bloom as Young Ray.

From 2013 through 2016, the Canberra-born celebrity dated Zelda Williams, the late actor Robin Williams’ daughter.

The actor is currently seeing Anneliese Zanchetta, and in early 2020, they plan to make their relationship social media-public.

Mason Morgan – Orpheus Pledger

Orpheus Pledger’s character Mason, the youngest of the family, saw the most tragic ending in 2019 when he was fatally shot during a hospital siege.

The 29-year-old acknowledged that he and the producers jointly decided to part ways in an interview with TV Week.

When he was only eight years old, Orpheus played the lead role in writer-director Emma Freeman’s short film Lamb. A year later, he made an appearance in the drama series CrashBurn.

In addition to appearing in a number of Australian programmes, such as The Secret Life of Us, Welcher & Welcher, and Scooter: Secret Agent, he played Tycho Everson in the children’s programme Silversun.

For six months in 2011, the actor played Noah Parkin on the competing soap opera Neighbours.

One year after leaving his soap opera, Orpheus made it known that he was starting a new profession as a music producer.

He wrote in the caption of a selfie he posted on Instagram, “So excited to be producing music. I am so excited for you to hear the songs I have in store.”

Orpheus was detained in February 2021 after being discovered in possession of drugs.

According to reports, the actor was carrying 30 unprescribed Diazepam tablets as well as half a gramme of meth.

He was put on a diversion programme during the hearing at Melbourne Magistrates Court in November 2021, meaning he was spared a criminal record and did not have to enter a plea.

He was also given a six-month good behaviour order, required to finish a drug awareness course, and donate $150 to the court fund.

In 2022, the actor made an appearance on SAS Australia in an effort to put his arrest behind him.

However, he left the survival reality show after just two days because he would not perform routine tasks.

Raffy Morgan – Olivia Deeble

Teen Raffy was a late arrival to the Morgan clan and was later identified as the four brothers’ half-sister.

She grew up thinking the policeman was her uncle, despite the fact that she was the offspring of an affair between Atticus and Kate.

Raffy, who had grown to be an integral member of the family, left Summer Bay in 2019 to participate in an epilepsy medical trial in Victoria.

Olivia starred in the Disney+ movie Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, which was released in 2020, after quitting the soap opera.

The 2022 drama More Than This, produced by Paramount+, featured the 19-year-old as the show’s lead actor and co-creator.

A group of Australian kids who deal with difficulties related to bullying, body image, and sexuality are the subjects of a coming-of-age television series.

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