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Home and Away: Justin can’t mope when he’s unconscious


Justin has overdosed, but the good news is that we will be spared from his moping for a while.

I’ve wasted too many minutes of my life listening to Justin’s continual moping, much like John, Leah, and Steven waiting for Susie to appear by the side of an indiscriminate road.



Home and Away ep 7574

But something happened tonight that ultimately made him stop talking.

Justin is delirious from self-prescribing whatever pills he could find on the internet, but this time he’s gone too far, and Leah discovers his body on the garage floor.


You’re not alone in thinking this sounds similar.

This similar scene occurred just a few months earlier when Justin’s back was bothering him and he knocked over a vat of dangerous chemical, lying in it until Leah rescued him.

We’ll have to put up with Justin’s drug habit for even longer now that Leah has called an ambulance.

In other news, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen Dean.


Nothing has changed for him, and he has the arrogance to interfere in Mac’s rebound sex, referring to it as a “revolving door of guys.”

Take care of your own affairs. Mac can sleep with as many good-looking men as she wants, Dean…even if her character is currently hard to see.

Dean wants to be a good citizen because his son is coming to visit for a few days and he needs to get Mac under control.

But Mac presses on, and Chloe and Ryder’s food truck are the next victims.


She tells everyone in the restaurant that the tacos are complimentary for the next hour.

This is especially concerning for Ryder, who is dressed as Elvis on this occasion, because he discovered a pregnancy test and believes Chloe’s abrupt illness is due to her pregnancy.

Home and Away ep 7574

Ryder summons the guts to ask his girlfriend after counting their pitiful day’s earnings.

“Are you expecting a child, Chloe?” Ryder inquires.

“I came across a pregnancy test.”

Chloe responds, “That isn’t mine.”


It’s all really engrossing.

Naturally, Ari is standing nearby and hears everything, which makes him happy because he’s always desired a baby.

Home and Away ep 7574

He calls Mia hoping to hear that the pregnant test is hers, but he gets message bank.

On the off chance it’s not Mia test, it would have to be Bella’s.

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