Sunday, April 14, 2024

Home and Away in UK is about to take a shocking turn!


Next week, a major twist will be featured on UK television thanks to Home and Away newbie Tex Wheeler.

As a new handyman who has recently joined Summer Bay, Tex has adapted nicely, but it appears that there is much more to him than what first meets the eye.

In upcoming episodes on Channel 5, Rose Delaney and Tex seem more in love than ever when they return from a romantic getaway.

Since Rose recently revealed to him that she is secretly in love with Cash Newman, Rose’s brother Xander is apprehensive of the pair’s quickly developing relationship.


Despite his doubts, Xander decides it’s better to keep his pledge and refrain from meddling in Rose’s affairs.

Sadly, it appears that Xander has cause for concern as Tex’s secret objective comes to light.

Tex visits the gym and prowls about the workplace. He looks intently at the picture of Ari Parata and Mia Anderson before stealthily stealing it.

Later, Tex appears at an industrial warehouse filled with bikers wearing leather.


Tex is greeted by the group with familiarity, demonstrating that he is a member of the gang.

Tex rushes over to one of the men and hands him the gym photo of Ari and Mia.

The second guy acknowledges Ari as a former money thief from the biker gang and is delighted with Tex’s job.

Tex also brags about how he was able to win over the neighbourhood cop, demonstrating that his friendship with Rose is a part of a larger scheme.


Even though Ari passed away a few months ago, it appears that the stolen money is putting the Parata family in risk. Is Tex and his allies’ impending attack just a question of time?

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