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Home and Away – has Lewis Hayes Departure will prove any good?


His story has come to an exciting end.

The sinister Lewis Hayes storyline on Home and Away has reached a dramatic climax in the United Kingdom this week.

Lewis’ assassination attempt on Christian Green resulted in tense scenes as he held his arch-enemy hostage in a hospital ward and attempted to kill him with a lethal injection.

Lewis’ scheme backfired on Tuesday’s 5STAR first look episode (May 18), which is repeated on Channel 5 on Wednesday, when Tori Morgan arrived just in time to save Christian’s life by administering CPR.


Meanwhile, Lewis was forced to face the repercussions of his decisions, with his shocked girlfriend Jasmine Delaney encouraging him to report himself to the authorities.

Here’s a rundown of what we know about Lewis’ storyline’s conclusion – and what comes next.

Is Lewis Hayes permanently gone?

Lewis was often credited on screen as a guest actor rather than a member of the main cast, despite the fact that Home and Away bosses haven’t made an official exit announcement.


On April 20, Australia aired the 5STAR first look episode of Home and Away (May 18), which featured Lewis’ demise. The character hasn’t appeared on Australian screens since then, despite the fact that the show is still 25 episodes ahead of the UK.

This would seem to indicate that we’ve seen the last of Lewis for the time being, as his plot has reached its natural conclusion, unless the writers have a surprise in store for us in the future.

However, since Lewis was not killed off and shared ties with characters like Christian and Jasmine, the door for a possible return has been left open.

Why did Lewis Hayes decide to leave?


Lewis was still brought into Home and Away with a particular plot in mind since he was a guest character.

This began in the season finale of 2020, when he ran into his old flame, Jasmine Delaney, and reconnected with her.

What seemed to be a romantic storyline, however, took a dramatic turn when viewers learned that Lewis had a grudge against Christian Green for failing to save his partner Anna in a car accident a few years before.

Since then, the story has revolved around Lewis’ attempts to exact vengeance on Christian, in the hopes of having him shot for incompetence.

Lewis attempted to assassinate Ari Parata as part of his plan, knowing that Christian would be held responsible. Ari was only saved because Mia Anderson happened to walk in at the right time and stopped him.

Lewis also murdered three other patients at the hospital in his effort to frame Christian, but the murders were not seen on video.


In real life, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-demand actor Luke Arnold took on the role of Lewis during slower times in his career.

When I’m overseas and I say I’m an Australian actor, people always ask me, ‘Have you been on Home and Away?’ and I’ve always frustrated them by saying, ‘No, Luke told Stuff in February. By actually showing up and doing it, I feel like I’m making amends.

I think it’s one of 2020’s little gifts that I’m unexpectedly back in Australia, working on the most famous Australian show, and having the time of my life.

What happens next after Lewis’ arrest, according to Home and Away spoilers?

Though Lewis was eventually apprehended, he left a trail of devastation in his wake. In upcoming episodes, Jasmine finds the situation especially difficult to deal with, and she wonders why her love life is always such a disaster.

Lewis was Jasmine’s first boyfriend since the tragic death of her fiancé Robbo in 2020, and she’s understandably upset about how things have gone.

Jas is also concerned that Tori Morgan holds her responsible for introducing Lewis into their lives. Tori begins to feel anger towards her, so this concern is well-founded.

In next week’s episodes on Channel 5, Jasmine, Christian, and Tori learn that Lewis will not be prosecuted for his crimes because he has already accepted responsibility.

Lewis admits to attempting to assassinate Christian, as well as the three murders he committed at the hospital in order to frame his arch-enemy.

We don’t see Lewis in any of these scenes, but we do see how the regulars at Summer Bay respond to the news.

Christian’s near-death experience seems to have influenced his actions in the long run. Tori is taken aback the following week when Christian reveals that he feels sorry for Lewis and treats him as a victim, an attitude that Tori finds incomprehensible.

Tori gradually realises that Christian has improved after his near-death experience. The once disciplined surgeon begins to search out the next thrill by skinny-dipping in the sea and speeding dangerously down the track.

Christian also reveals that, despite being essentially dead at the time, he has a vivid recollection of Tori performing CPR on him. Tori is adamant that such an out-of-body experience is medically unlikely, resulting in an interesting conflict between the supernatural and the science.

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