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Home and Away finally resolves Logan Bennett car crash mystery


Logan Bennett’s recent vehicle accident has finally been exposed on Home and Away.

Logan is being investigated by the police after his automobile collided with another vehicle on the road in a terrible narrative presently airing in Australia.

Logan and the other driver, Millie, were both unharmed. Millie’s friend Jo, who was in one of the passenger seats, was killed instantly.

Since then, police have been investigating the accident, but have been unable to obtain definitive answers because Logan and Millie only have fuzzy memories of what occurred.


The only clues led to the probability that Logan was speeding, implying that he was to blame for the collision.

Millie eventually remembered what happened on that fatal day in Monday’s programme on Channel 7 in Australia.

Millie revealed to receiving a text message while in the automobile in a private conversation with Xander Delaney, who has been supporting her since the accident.

Just before the crash with Logan’s vehicle, Millie pulled her phone from its console and became preoccupied.


This fresh information looked to clear Logan’s name, but making it official may be more difficult than it appears.

Millie will refuse to go to the police with what she knows, and even threatens to make false claims against Xander if he reports her, according to Home and Away executives.

Is Logan still in serious trouble?

These scenes will air on Channel 5 in June for Home and Away fans in the United Kingdom.


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