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Home and Away Felicity star’s life – bikini pics, living with co-star and health battle


Actress Jacqui Purvis is one of the hottest performers in an Australian soap opera, and she isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Let’s look at the celebrity’s life outside of Summer Bay.

Since joining the cast of the Australian soap opera last year, Jacqui Purvis has delighted viewers as the blonde bombshell Felicity Newman.

Since moving to Summer Bay, her character has experienced a number of dramatic stories, including being suspected of stalking Tane before being kidnapped by the true stalker.

She has also experienced grief over her father’s passing.


However, the stunning actress lives a considerably more glitzy life away from the cameras.

The Daily Actress gives you an intimate look at the star behind Felicity Newman, including her passion project for mental health, seductive swimwear photos, and fun nights out with her co-star roommate.

Battle with Mental Illness

Actress Jacqui made a startling career decision when she decided to write and perform in her own short film after witnessing a friend fight mental illness and struggle with suicidal thoughts.


The fan favourite from Summer Bay made her writing debut on the challenging short film Voicemails Last Forever. “The main subject of my short film is depression. Mental health, bereavement, and suicide in particular.

“And it’s very significant to me because all I truly want to do is reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide. In the trailer for the movie, Jacqui remarked that it was shameful, taboo, and we shouldn’t talk about it. “

She continued by saying that her friend’s life and the people who endured the Covid-19 lockdowns served as inspirations for her.

It was written “for my friend. Therefore, it’s somewhat about him and his life. And when I heard his story, I was deeply moved because, fortunately, I don’t experience those issues, such as suicidal thoughts.


“I think a lot of individuals truly suffered from going through Covid. Due to our confinement and possible lack of friends or family, anxiety and mental health problems surfaced.

Roommate on the set

Although relationships might be tumultuous among Summer Bay’s residents, it sounds like things are much more peaceful for the show’s main characters.

Even though Felicity Newman joined the soap opera’s cast only last year, the star has already developed such strong friendships with her co-stars that she has moved in with one of them.

Jacqui disclosed that she currently lives with fellow Bay newbie Matt Evans, who plays Theo Poulos, in an interview with TV Week with the help of her on-screen brother Nicholas Cartwright, who plays police officer Cash Newman.

She said, “Matt Evans and I are really enjoying living together.” He is among my all-time favourite persons, says the speaker.


The roommates have already posted some adorable photos on Instagram to celebrate their friendship, and Jacqui even threw Matt a birthday party with cards, gifts, and balloons over the summer.

Bikini Photos

Actress Jacqui Purvis has undoubtedly made an impression on Home and Away thanks to her beautiful good looks, but in real life, she knows how to play it up for the cameras by posing in a number of scanty bikinis.

Jacqui, who in 2019 also played Melissa Lohan on Neighbours, looks stunning in a tight yellow bikini that highlights her slender legs and washboard tummy.

The gorgeous woman is also seen posing with her co-star Emily Weir, who portrays Mackenzie Booth on the drama, in a hot pink bikini on the front cover of the Australian magazine New Idea.

Fans flocked to the comments to praise the celebrity. What a gorgeous girl you are, one person remarked. That face is just exquisite—so it’s full of joy!

“Defo puts the heat in home and away,” said another. GORGEOUS!”

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