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Home and Away Bella star’s life – new job, co-star music video fame and fan hate


For her role as the disobedient teen Bella Nixon in the Australian serial series Home and Away, actress Courtney Miller is well known.

After joining the Australian soap opera’s cast in 2018, Courtney left in 2022 to seek other opportunities.

She has brought several dramatic storylines to Summer Bay, such as her terrifying confrontation with the evil Tommy, being taken hostage by Ross, and coping with receiving a tetanus diagnosis.

Even more impressively, the brunette beauty’s portrayal of Bella earned her a nomination for the Logie Award for Most Popular New Talent.


Fans have been shocked by Courtney’s subsequent career moves since she left the soap opera.

Daily Star has looked into the Australian actress’ life after her dramatic soap leave, from sensual music video scenes to an unexpected art career.

Insults from fans

The actress has spent her four years portraying a variety of disruptive and divisive stories on the Australian serial opera Bella, a disturbed character.

After the stress she had following her terrifying encounter with evil Tommy, her character is frequently seen snapping and causing havoc.


However, actress Courtney has now said that she finds it difficult when certain fans can’t tell her apart from her alter persona and harass her online.

“I was thinking about this the other day,” she reportedly told I make an effort to avoid engaging with fan feedback because I lead a life apart from Bels.

But as I’ve haphazardly read comments, I’ve discovered that many fans are upset with Bel.

“All right, she can be a real brat. But I believe you can excuse her actions. Many people who are not Bella fans enjoy directing their resentment towards me, the actor, which is absurd.


New job

Talented Courtney made her first foray outside of Summer Bay when she debuted her very own art collection after leaving her role as rebel Bella.

After receiving a tonne of encouragement from her castmates, it is obvious that she is destined for success. Her work has been featured in an exhibition at a nearby Sydney art gallery.

The multi-talented diva announced that she has been making art in her leisure time in a post on Instagram at the time, much to the joy of her devoted admirers.

“The opening night has concluded. Many thanks to everyone who attended. A show closes on June 26. Enter now! information in bio “In the caption of a photo of one of her works, Courtney wrote:

Georgie Parker, a co-star on Home and Away, shared a photo on social media with Courtney and other cast members who were present for the exhibition’s opening night.

Courtney and Georgie posed with Patrick O’Connor, Sophie Dillman, Emily Weir, and Sam Frost, captioning the photo “Twas a good night.”


Lukas Radovich, who plays Ryder Jackson on Home and Away, joined the cast in showing their support for Courtney.

Music video appearance

Fans were shocked when Courtney and her Home and Away co-star and best friend, Lukas Radovich, who plays Ryder Jackson, appeared in the Secret Lover music video by Sydney-based alt-pop band Yuma X.

Fans were incensed by the two’s portrayal of lovers in the song video, in which Lukas and another male actor had an affair behind her back.

The music video was shot in Sydney and the surrounding countryside, and the musicians involved in the project spoke out about the process, calling it “one of the most satisfying artistic experiences” she had ever been a part of.

It was quite collaborative from the beginning, she added.

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