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EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away’s four newest cast members reveal how they got their start in Summer Bay


Four brand-new cast members have joined the programme as a result of several Home and Away favourites leaving Summer Bay this year.

The most recent characters, who are a part of the fictitious band Lyrik, arrived in the Bay last week.

Learn more about Rob Mallet, Angelina Thomson, Adam Rowland, and Stephanie Panozzo, the newest actors to join the cast of Home and Away, by reading on.

Stephanie Panozzo

Greetings from Summer Bay! What’s it like to take part in the show?


It’s like though a fantasy has come true. It feels like such a blessing to be able to work every day doing what I love, especially on such an iconic Australian show! I enjoyed watching the show as a kid. Every night, my sister and I would watch The Simpsons at 6 p.m., followed by Neighbours at 6.30 p.m., then Home and Away at 7 p.m.

Which character from Home and Away have you enjoyed following over time?

My favourite characters from the past were Vinnie Patterson (Ryan Kwanten), Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey), and Aden Jefferies (Todd Lasance).

Describe Eden, your character


Eden is a wild child who loves to have a good time. Her greatest passions are music, her friends and family, and speaking her opinion. She is also passionately loyal.

What activities do you engage in off the set?

I enjoy doing yoga, running, making music, hanging out with friends, reading, going on hikes, going to the beach, and eating. I also FaceTime my Melbourne-based friends and relatives.

Rob Mallet

Congratulations on getting the part of Bob. What details about him do you have?


Bob aspires to success, honour, and artistic integrity.

You’ve performed in a number of plays. How different do you find TV, and specifically Home and Away?

The primary distinction I’ve noticed between theatre and television is that after you do a day’s worth of work on set, there aren’t 2,000 people cheering you on. Because your audience is a camera lens only a few feet away, the stagecraft must be altered while the storytelling basics remain the same.

What activities do you engage in in your free time?

When I’m not at work, you may find me attempting to escape the city and return to the bush because I’m originally from the country. I enjoy visiting Tasmania, where I was born, and generally getting outside wherever I am.

What do you have on TV? Which actors inspire you?


I have a varied TV viewing schedule. From Grand Designs through Ozark, which is another movie I enjoy, Jason Bateman has never disappointed me in my opinion.

Angelina Thomson

Welcome to the programme! You have experience with opera, theatre, and music. How unique is this encounter?

Although there are a lot of differences, I’ve discovered that there are a lot of commonalities as well. This is where my theatre background has been incredibly helpful on set! I think most performers are willing to work in television. The best strategy to continue learning, developing, evolving, and maintaining a job is to be adaptable.

Does Kirby’s musical background help you to depict him?

Of course! I played the violin and saxophone growing up, participated in the school funk band, and studied music theatre, all of which were hugely beneficial. Additionally, music plays a significant role in my Polynesian culture.

Explain Kirby…

She resembles the ocean in some ways—wild, passionate, lively, creative, effervescent, yet also serene and caring.

Who on the set did you get along with?

Since we got to experience this thrilling world of Home and Away together, the band as a whole has become quite close. It seems as though we were all paddling together when we all shared a party wave. I adore collaborating with Ethan Browne as well (who plays Tane Parata). We always greet one another in Mori or Cook Island Mori when we cross paths at work, which is so very precious to me!

Adam Rowland

Thank you for the role. When did you learn that you were hired?

My phone rang with the news as I was serving pints at the beginning of my shift at a pub. I was anticipating a shift in my life and was both excited and a little intimidated by it. Three days later, I had packed my suitcase, grabbed my instrument, and was ringing Sydney to come home. Amazing ride.

You used to play competitive football. What inspired you to pursue the arts?

I realised I hadn’t played music live in a while while still playing football and at university. I realised how much I had missed the live performance aspect of my life. I then made the decision to check out some acting classes at my neighbourhood theatre. The storytelling had me enthralled, and I wanted to take it seriously. In order to replace the Sherrin with Stanislavsky, I travelled to Melbourne after touring around Europe.

Describe Remi, your character

The archetypal Australian larrikin is Remi Carter. Although he likes to party and stir things up, he is devoted to his friends and family.

Which actors inspire you?

I’ve always liked Joel Edgerton as an Australian actor and the body of work he’s produced.

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