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Review of Home and Away: Dean goes in for another last-ditch effort to win back his girlfriend


I may have missed an entire week of episodes while I was hiking in the mountains, but because of the magic of the Home and Away scriptwriters, who seem to type it out for you, I’m not lost in the least.

Now that Dean’s bestie, Colby, has been taken to jail by his other bestie, Willow, Dean has no friends for the remainder of his life.

He’s desperate to get his ex-girlfriend, Ziggy, back, so he doesn’t die alone, but he’s desperate, and he’s probably reeking of alcohol.

He’s always pretty jealous that Tane and his big guns seem to hang around the garage as well but I’m going to say he’s not gunned down, not because he’s not a mechanic, but that it might also be done by a criminal who uses you as a drug mule because he’s so short on workers.

Ziggy was clearly shaken by Dean’s rather nervous request to win her back.

I can only wish that the Dean would leave me alone,” she said to Tane, “but I could barely raise my head, as it is above the sea.

Again, Dean returned to drinking. It appears to be morning.
Tane heads over in order to get Ziggy’s “dodgy boyfriend” off her back.

Dean continues to become all philosophical and compares Ziggy’s own situations by taking Tane in and giving him a job as a lost puppy dog.

Dean is not optimistic and tells his sister Mac to get Paratas’ “rack off.” I haven’t used this word for a while now so I love it.

Anyway, since this is Summer Bay, day-drunk Dean and Ziggy are smashing into each other and Zig has a thing or two to get off her face.

To Dean, Ziggy says, “This is not how our friendship will work.”
The word “friendship” he doesn’t like and gets back to the drinks and is disheartened.
Mac is cutting him off so it’s all fine because Dean’s going to find the bar that’s not going to cut him off not exactly where it would be.

He’s going in a taxi to the Mangrove River, and this is the last one for the night.
Next up is the Paratas and baseball gang’s ongoing saga.

I saw the bit last week where Mac essentially said the debt was settled and they didn’t have to worry anymore because she gave her Porsche to the gang, but Paul has another job.

From a quiet sidebar, where did Mac get a Porsche? I know that this wealthy city girl was made to be, but she only owns a small regional bar, so where did she get that kind of money from?
Somewhere, Paul and the other guy meet in the bushes with Ari and Tane. It has much more visibility than any of the places where Taylor and Colby had their romps were in the bushes.

The gang wants an armed robbery to be carried out but Ari tells them who the boss is and tells them that he’s going to tell the police about it.
In the new flash car, the head thug exits and the Parata boys look too pleased with themselves and think it’s too early overall.

Ari gets a text back at the house and instantly gives Nikau a wad of cash to get him out of the house for the night, which must mean that they can take on the armed robbery of the thugs, even though Ari looks ridiculously calm.

But Nikau can smell a rodent… and it isn’t Dean’s stink.
Finally, on a’ dating application’ with a woman, John boasts about his date.

He takes her somewhere special, to Salt, of course, but it’s the only option, very frankly, and we’re going to have to wait until next time to see how that goes.But don’t worry, he’s not wearing his lifesaving equipment.

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