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Drug drama, a s*x fail, and Hendrix seals his fate: 6 big Neighbours spoilers


In Neighbours, Hendrix Greyson’s (Ben Turland) unyielding drive to live could prove his undoing.

Hendrix’s entire future depends on him receiving a lung transplant, and the news that he has one is the best news he’s ever received! But his excitement gets the best of him, and he does something that could jeopardise his chances of receiving a transplant – a mistake that could cost him his life.

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is about to become the target of her own mother’s deception. Will she be able to fend off this two-pronged attack with Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) as well?

Levi Canning (Richie Morris) and Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) eventually admit their affections for each other after a long period of silence. A dalliance in a different kind of bush, on the other hand, can lead to a lot of embarrassment.


Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) is on the verge of becoming a drug addict, but will Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) be able to help him?

Hendrix decides to move the wedding forward due to his awful news. Will they be able to organise everything in time?

Here’s what’s coming up next in Neighbours.

Is Hendrix’s death a result of a transplant blunder?


Hendrix is overjoyed with the news that he has received a lung transplant. He’s so grateful that he needs to express his gratitude to his donor for giving him a fresh lease of life. Hendrix pulls some strings and discovers who the donor is before chasing them down, despite Karl’s warnings. He pays the donor a visit, only for his inappropriate behaviour to be discovered by the donor’s heartbroken sister. She’s so appalled that she determines Hendrix isn’t deserving of her brother’s lungs and refuses to do surgery on him. Hendrix is devastated; his good intentions may have just cost him his life. Mackenzie is in excruciating pain as he realises he has sealed his own doom. She resolves to take matters into her own hands to see if she can right the wrong — can she save her fiancé by persuading her brother’s sister that Hendrix is deserving of his lungs?

Terese is made a target.
Terese’s mother is a bit of a kooky character. When Terese discovers Estelle having semi-romantic cocktails with Paul, she receives the full wrath of her daughter. What exactly is this lady up to?! Terese has had enough and threatens to kick her mother out, but Estelle manipulates her emotionally. Terese agrees to give her another chance on the condition that she stays away from Paul, but that’s about as probable as Paul realising he’s made a mistake. Estelle flirts with a weak Glen after agreeing to behave, and then the apple cart is flipped when Terese discovers her on a date with Paul. Terese is enraged by her mother and goes to Josh’s plaque to calm down, where she and her mother end up bonding.

Paul is irritated by this because he believed he’d figured out a way to knock Terese off her perch. He isn’t deterred, however, and presents Estelle with a bracelet in an attempt to entice her back to his side. She is surprised and attempts to resist, but her need for jewels overcomes her and she sells her daughter down the river. Terese is furious when she learns about this, and she sends Estelle packing right to Paul’s front door.

Levi and Freya evaded the question.


Freya is ecstatic that things are starting to happen with Levi, and she tells Chloe about it. On the one hand, it’s a mistake because Chloe has proven that she can’t keep a secret for toffee. Chloe’s ranting to Levi, on the other hand, gets things rolling in the correct direction. Levi is astonished to realise how much Freya likes him because he had assumed she wasn’t interested, but now that he knows more, he’s motivated to go for it. He makes a grand gesture to show Freya that he likes her, and their romantic picnic goes off without a hitch. Things go so smoothly that the two end up fighting in the bushes. Except for the fact that some tiny oik runs away with their clothes, this sounds like a terrific way to conclude a date. What will they do to get out of this mess?

Glen is dealing with a drug problem.

Glen is mentally ill when he leaves the hospital, which means he won’t be able to deal with Estelle’s strange behaviour and attempts to flirt with him. He tries to shake her off, but his injuries has left him in excruciating pain that can only be relieved by addictive drugs. Despite Harlow’s promise to help him regulate his drug use, he still refuses to take any medicine out of fear of relapsing. In excruciating pain, a fight with Paul makes him feel even worse, and the desire to crack the pill bottle is strong. He gives in to temptation, but after a run-in with Kiri, he realises he’s playing a hazardous game. He chooses to attend AA and asks Harlow if she is still willing to assist him. It appears that he’s getting back on track, but is this the start of a downward spiral?

Wedding blunders
Hendrix and Mackenzie must now rethink their plans after Hendrix experienced a life-threatening case of sticking his foot in it. If he is unable to receive a transplant, his time with her may be cut short even further, necessitating their marriage as soon as possible. They bring everything forward, and their friends and family rally to help them get things in order as quickly as possible. Hendrix is set on giving Mackenzie the day she deserves. Is he going to be able to pull it off?

Kiri desires to have her cake and eat it as well.

Nicolette offers to prepare the wedding cake because she is desperate to help Hendrix and Mackenzie pull off the wedding of the century. Kiri is impressed by the enormity of the task, which comes with a great deal of strain. Nic is going all out to make the couple’s special day even more memorable, and Kiri finds it immensely appealing that she is doing something so altruistic. She’s being dragged back towards Nic once more. Is it possible that Chloe has lost this round?


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