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Did Neighbours PREDICT Margot Robbie’s newest role?


It’s simple to overlook the fact that Australia’s own Margot Robbie got her start in one of the nation’s most well-liked soap operas, Neighbours, given how dominant she is right now in Hollywood.

Before obtaining a regular spot on the soap, she made her debut on Ramsay Street as the guest star Donna Freedman, a Ty Harper (played by musician Dean Geyer) fangirl.

One of Margot’s most notable plotlines throughout her tenure was her marriage to Ringo Brown (played by Sam Clark). This is where the actress’ future part in Greta Gerwig’s Live Action Barbie movie may have been accidentally hinted at by the soap opera.

Donna wore an extravagant pink outfit with lots of tulle to the fictitious wedding. And it confirms to be strikingly similar to the pink attire Margot wore while shooting for Barbie.


The I, Tonya star revealed that months of planning went into the wardrobe for the Neighbours wedding in a behind-the-scenes interview at the time of filming.

The actress admitted that she often completed fittings that lasted an hour and a half. I resemble a cartoon character, such as Cinderella or something comparable.

The dress is “like a fairytale,” the actress added, alluding to Rapunzel the princess.

It’s pink, too, she added. Why, Margot, it is indeed pink.


You know someone else who dresses in pink tulle dresses? Barbie. The doll appeared in the film Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale as well. Need we say anything further?

Margot is currently far from Ramsay Street since she is preoccupied with filming for Barbie. She obviously portrays the title character in the Live Action movie, and Ryan Gosling plays Ken.

Many behind-the-scenes photos of the actress wearing a variety of pink outfits, such as flared pants and a fluro pink leotard, have delighted fans. Even the newest fashion craze, known as Barbiecore, was inspired by the attire.

The Australian-born actress acknowledged in a Vogue interview that portraying Barbie “comes with a lot of baggage.”


She continued, “And a lot of nostalgic connections. “But this also opens up a lot of exciting approaches to combating it.

“Once they learn that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing “Barbie,” most people tend to change their minds from “I know what that movie is going to be” to “Oh, well, maybe I don’t…

We’re going to give you something completely different from what you’re thinking,

The Wolf of Wall Street star has long since moved on from her Neighbours days, but she hasn’t forgotten her roots.

Margot sent 37 bottles of champagne to the Melbourne set where the final episodes of the soap opera were being shot as a memento of the era.

“Like everything else, we completed it as a team. It’s all done now “The post’s caption was written by Takaya Honda, who portrays David Tanaka on the soap.


“Margot, thanks for the champagne. @neighbors, 37 bottles for 37 years.”

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