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Channel 7 2023 upfronts: Lots of reality TV, very little scripted


It’s growing more difficult to locate a large choice of TV series on Channel 7 if you don’t want to pay for streaming.

The 2023 schedule of programming for Channel 7 will be beneficial if you enjoy reality television. Go somewhere else if you’re seeking for Australian scripted television.

There aren’t many scripted options, but Channel 7 has committed to a second season of Home and Away and RFDS, the Steve Peacock-led drama about the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The Claremont Murders, a new series that was once scheduled to premiere in 2022, was actually revealed around this time last year. Therefore, Channel 7 hasn’t disclosed any new scripted commissions.


The scripted space has mostly been abandoned by free-to-air commercial broadcasters, particularly Channel 7 and Channel 9, in favour of streaming services and public broadcasters ABC and SBS.

Reality TV has the potential for numerous episodes each week and is less expensive to produce.

If reality TV gets your heart pumping, there are plenty of other choices, including a mix of time-honored favourites and novel endeavours.

Blow Up is a competition series where contestants construct works of art using balloons. It won’t be enough to just have a pink elephant to win. Becky Lucas and Stephen Curry will serve as the hosts.


An foreign programme called Million Dollar Island, adapted for Australian television and presented by SAS’s Ant Middleton. 100 contestants will compete for a million dollars in the series through a range of tasks and activities on an island.

The Claremont Murders tells the tale of the disappearance of three young women and the protracted search for justice. It is based on the infamous Claremont murders case in Western Australia. Stars of the show include Joel Jackson, Kate Ritchie, Erik Thomson, Ryan Johnson, Catherine Van-Davies, Aaron Glenane, and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor.

Con Girl is a documentary series that follows infamous Australian con artist Samantha Azzopardi and details how she deceived people into believing she was a Russian gymnast, a trafficking escapee, and a teen evading her captor.

The Australian version of the British quiz show, The 1% Club, will place a greater focus on common sense and logic than general knowledge. Each episode starts with 100 participants before the field is narrowed down and the winner is required to give an accurate response to a subject that only 1% of viewers will be familiar with. The host is the comedian Jim Jefferies.


We Interrupt this Broadcast: A mocking of TV shows, internet trends, and general “content” by amusing people. Christie Whelan Browne, Greg Larsen, Bridie Connell, and Adele Vuko are just a few of the comedians performing.

Dr. Harry Cooper will serve as the host of the observational series Animals Aboard with Dr. Harry, which follows animals as they travel the globe.

The Scott Bakula television series is being revived, but without the star. Raymond Lee, Ernie Hudson, and Caitlin Bassett will be available to travel through time and space, so it’s all right.

A British miniseries called Litvinenko dramatises the unique circumstances surrounding Alexander Litvinenko’s assassination and the subsequent investigation. Mark Bonnar and David Tennant appear in it.

Without Sin is a drama starring Vicky McClure about a bereaved mother who forms an unexpected bond with the man she thinks killed her daughter.

The Voice, Farmer Wants a Wife, My Kitchen Rules, SAS Australia, Kitchen Nightmares Australia, The Chase Australia, Better Homes and Gardens, This is Your Life, Border Security, Highway Patrol, and Code 1 are among the programmes returning to the network for additional seasons.


Big Brother currently goes by the name House of Love after getting a makeover. Only single housemates seeking love (and, let’s be honest, Instagram fame) will appear on the reality series.

Sports coverage includes the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Bathurst 1000, AFL, cricket, Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, and the Super Bowl. Events covered include the Logie Awards and the Oscars.

The Endgame, a heist thriller starring Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathe, will be available to stream on 7Plus thanks to a content agreement Channel 7 reached with NBCUniversal Global Distribution.

As part of the agreement, Channel 7 will introduce 7Bravo, a second channel. The Real Housewives of Miami, The Real Housewives of Dubai, Southern Hospitality, Real Girlfriends, The Black Widow Murders, Buried in the Backyard, Below Deck Adventure, and Love Without Borders will all have episodes here.

However, the majority of them are reruns and seasons from the past. The first-run Australian rights to the films are owned by Foxtel* and Hayu.

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