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8 Neighbours cast pay tribute to the show ahead of star-studded final ever episode


The tragic end of Neighbours is rapidly approaching; tonight’s final episode is scheduled to air.

We aren’t prepared.

When 37 years on air, the popular serial, which debuted in 1985, is likely to come to an end after Channel 5 controversially cancelled it in favour of “original UK drama,” which the broadcaster believes has a “strong attraction” for viewers.

To be honest, we still haven’t moved past it.


The narratives of the people of Erinsborough come to an unforgettable conclusion in the finale, which will premiere on Friday, July 29. Several cast members from Says Gone By will make one more appearance on Ramsay Street.

Prior to the hour-long episode, cast members from both the past and the present have talked fondly about their time on the programme as they pay tribute to what the show accomplished for them and tease what will happen in the grand finale.

Here is what they said.

Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy)

The Karl Kennedy actor said to, “I’m quite sad that the adventure is finished, of course, but I’m also full of gratitude that I got to embark on this journey.”


The fact that “Neighbours” has given me so much and made so many people happy over the years is a really fulfilling component of my profession. I’m incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity.

We swear we’re not sobbing.

Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy)

Jackie, who has been portraying Susan Kennedy on Neighbours since 1994, said she was “shocked, terribly sorry, and unhappy” to hear about the show’s early demise.

I believe it took a while for everyone to fully comprehend the reality of it, she remarked. It was always a scenario that was conceivable. Either this year or the following year could be the time.


But I don’t think you can ever really be totally ready for something to actually happen. At first, it was just a shock.

The legendary soap star said her job was “not like any other,” and she said it was “very humbling” to witness the outpouring of love from viewers following the show’s demise.

Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson)

When asked how he was feeling about Neighbours coming to an end, Stefan Dennis said he was “lost,” giving the impression that it would take some time for the news to really sink in.

The Paul Robinson actor predicted that “when the penny drops, that’s going to be a different story.” “I don’t think anyone wants to be here for a good few hours then,” someone exclaimed.

In talking about the finale, Stefan said that certain recognisable characters from the past will be appearing. He also acknowledged that it was “cathartic” to have former cast members return for the major conclusion.

It serves as a good catharsis for us, he remarked. “It’s lovely that we get to end by saying goodbye to the individuals we began with.” There have been times when I haven’t seen some people for a very long time. One person in particular, whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time, and I were working together.


We’re eager to see how everything comes together.

Ian Smith (Harold Bishop)

Ian Smith, who plays Harold Bishop, said that the term “sad” best describes how he feels about Neighbours ending after so many years.

I knew it had to happen at some point, he continued. Of course, I did, but my goodness, the show took up a significant portion of my working life, a lot happened during that time, and now it’s over. We’ve all been together, the older folks that appeared on the show.

We have all expressed our sadness about the situation. Despite the fact that the programme is coming to an end, we believe that it should be continued in some capacity as a training ground for aspiring performers. That show has produced so many famous people. They are some of the biggest names in the industry and have been around the block a few times.

There are many possible ways for Neighbours to finish, and Ian said he felt very “fortunate” to have worked on the programme over the years. He expressed the hope that the producers would give Neighbours “what it deserves.”

Ryan Moloney (Toadie)

Ryan Moloney, a legendary toadie, likewise called the news of Neighbours’ cancellation “sad,” but he made it clear that he felt “grateful” to have had the experience at all.

Additionally, he hinted to the conclusion and said there would be a “big event.”

We’re going to try to show everyone at it, so there must be, he exclaimed. So, yes, there will be one very significant occurrence. I’ve frequently expressed my desire for Toadie to somehow jump on a bomb and save Ramsay Street. Who knows, then? That might occur!”

Guy Pearce (Mike Young)

Guy Pearce, a Hollywood star who will play Mike Young once more in Neighbours’ grand finale, remarked that it was “kind of everything” to be back on set after 33 years.

The Iron Man 3 actor said, “It’s absolutely fantastic to be working again with the likes of Paul Keane, Annie Jones, Stefan of course, Geoff Paine, and Peter O’Brien — it’s simply remarkable.”

I’ve always wanted to be on the show again, and given the sad news that it is ending, it seemed like the right time. However, I’m a really nostalgic person in general. Fortunately, I was already planning a vacation back home, so it just worked.

It seems like fate.

Annie Jones (Jane Harris)

The ending of Neighbours left Annie “devastated,” and she acknowledged that it was “impossible to grasp” how it could happen.

She remarked, “It was something that was always there.” Even though we all had a small feeling that it would happen, everyone found it to be quite upsetting.

In the show’s grand conclusion, Annie made a suggestion that Jane might run into some old pals.

She informed us, “I think Jane has quite a few tasty things in store for her.” There might be other members of Jane’s family present, along with possibly some old friends.

Think of us as curious.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Izzy Hoyland)

Natalie recently played Izzy again, the town’s resident con artist, and she has been prominently featured during the show’s final month.

The actress admitted that she “loves this character so much” and that it was “surreal” to be back.

She gushed, “Neighbours is so iconic.” I grew up loving the programme, so when I got the part of Izzy, I was shocked but also eager to study and improve.

The pace of the act is fantastic, and you quickly pick up new skills and develop discipline. just to work with veterans like Jackie Woodburne, Alan Fletcher, Ian Smith, and Stefan Dennis and learn from them in-depth acting and performance techniques

“It’s pretty amazing to have the work ethic that I’ve taken away from the experience.”

Neighbors: The Finale airs on Channel 5 on Friday, July 29 at 9 p.m.

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