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8 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (July 11 to 15)


On Home and Away the next week, Bella bids the Bay farewell.

In another situation, Dean makes a bold move to clear his identity.

The complete list of the eight major events is provided here.

1. Nikau informs Bella of major news

After leaving the city, Bella organises her passport and is eager to board a plane to New York with Nikau. Nikau breaks the news that he won’t be accompanying her since he doesn’t want to give up his new paid lifeguard job in Summer Bay.


Bella initially thinks about turning down Emmett’s job offer since she doesn’t want to leave Nikau behind. Nikau urges her to realise that he can support her even though he is far away and that they can coexist in a distance-based relationship.

2. Bella bids farewell

After Bella’s decision to go was made, Mac threw her a small farewell party. Bella raises a glass in appreciation of everyone’s support and raises a glass to all who have helped Summer Bay become her home.

Bella is at ease knowing that she will be welcomed back to the Bay by a large number of family members. Bella looks to be departing for a longer period of time than she had anticipated because this is actually Courtney Miller’s leave plot.

3. Rose disputes Millie’s unfounded assertions

In light of Millie’s involvement in the collision, Xander files a report. In retaliation, Millie falsely accuses Xander of harassing her and asks for an AVO against him.


Millie’s degrading behaviour disgusts Rose, who vehemently accuses her of lying. Cash reprimands Rose for acting impolitely and removes her from the case.

4. Rose continues to defend Xander

Rose won’t back down and chooses to communicate with Millie in her capacity as Xander’s sister rather than in that of a police officer. Until Rose reveals a memory from her own history in which she made a mistake and at first refused to take responsibility, Millie is icy.

Although Xander is sceptical of Rose’s strategies, he is pleasantly delighted to find that Millie changed her story and took responsibility for the collision, which was her fault.

5. Dean coerces Nathan into making a confession

Nathan is taken hostage at a dilapidated house by Dean, who pairs up with the River Boys, and is forced to confess to killing PK. When Dean and the River Boys threaten to use violence, Nathan initially rejects all culpability but eventually gives up.


When Dean shows up at the station with a bloodied Nathan, who admits to killing PK and framing Dean for murder, Cash and the other police officers are shocked.

6. Felicity is detained

While giving his police testimony, Nathan mentions the illegal poker nights at Salt, and by being honest, he implicates Felicity. Felicity is ultimately taken into custody for organising the illegal gambling gatherings.

Tane asks Mac to be honest because he thinks it’s unfair that Felicity is assuming entire responsibility for the poker nights. Mac first considers running away from Summer Bay, but she quickly jumps to Felicity’s aid after realising that she has always been devoted to her.

To protect her employee, Mac admits guilt for the unlawful gambling and tells the authorities a fabrication, saying Felicity believed everything was legal.

7. Chloe pushes Justin and Leah too far

As her relationship with Theo gets stronger, Chloe appears to be spending all of her time at Justin and Leah’s place. Justin and Leah debate how to approach the subject, but things pick up when Chloe inadvertently enters Justin’s bathroom while he is in the shower.

Leah doesn’t want Chloe to stay at the house constantly, Justin says out loud at lunch. Chloe is furious that Theo didn’t inform her sooner about how his family was feeling, and Leah is annoyed with Justin for placing the blame on her.


8. Jasmine is concerned about Logan’s unprofessional actions

When Roo disobeys the doctor’s instructions and lifts heavy objects, her surgical stitches rip open. Jasmine criticises Logan’s irate actions as being unprofessional as he reprimands her for disobeying advise and squandering the hospital’s meagre resources.

Later, Jasmine confronts Logan about his behaviour after he is nasty to her in the ward. Logan is left to consider the causes of his unusual behaviour.

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