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11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week (July 11 to 15)


There is a lot of drama with David to deal with before Neighbours ends and the returnees arrive thick and fast the next week.

Here are 11 Neighbours hints for the upcoming week.

1. David is in even greater risk

David Tanaka feels as if time is running out as the walls are closing in around him. David learns that a jail guard is cooperating with those who are trying to damage him more within the facility.

In a state of panic, Aaron tries to assist, and Andrew determines that David’s agreement to wear a wire to catch the guard out is the only way he has a chance of escaping. However, everyone is aware that there is a good potential this sting could go wrong given the already substantial risk to David’s life.


2. Clive must make an explanation

While seeing his client, Byron tries to pry a little to see if he can find out anything about her relationship with Clive. To Jane’s horror—as well as Mrs. Mangel’s—the truth about Byron’s side business is revealed at number 32 once Clive learns that someone is investigating into him (Or her portrait, at least.)

Clive is certain that he has not had a relationship, but this also exposes him, and Jane is about to find out something about her partner that he wishes he could have kept to himself. Is Jane and Clive’s relationship over now?

3. Emma creates a commotion at Number 24

When Emma unexpectedly shows up at number 24, Freya and Kiri quickly realise that David’s destiny is in their hands as he faces a horrible death. But Emma is not alone herself, and if Freya wants to do her part to keep David safe, she has another request for her.

Will the girls be able to escape Emma while being held at gunpoint and tasked with an impossible task? Will they also manage to save David’s life in the process?


4. Will David be rescued?

David is in the prison courtyard at the mercy of a thug brandishing a shiv, and Freya’s location on Ramsay Street appears to be his only hope. However, things are not looking well for him as the circumstance there becomes even more complicated.

David is horrified to learn that the thug will soon get a message requesting his murder, leaving him with nowhere to flee. Before Neighbours ends, will there be one more tragic death in Erinsborough?

5. Paul runs across an old acquaintance

Paul already has a busy week with David’s issues, so when he runs into a very animated Shane Ramsay at Lassiters, it’s like a blast from the past.

As they meet up, it becomes clear that Shane has done extremely well for himself in the years since his last visit to Erinsborough. Wanting to establish himself there once more, he suggests joining Paul as an equal partner in the hotel.


Paul is overjoyed, but Shane is about to find out that Paul has undergone significant transformation.

6. Harold expresses his worries regarding Toadie and Melanie

Harold appears to be having his own reservations about Toadie and Melanie getting engaged, even though Zara is unhappy about it. Melanie confronts him about trying to skip the engagement party.

For the sake of his children, Harold acknowledges that he does not want her to wed Toadie because he does not want them to suffer the same pain that Toby and Sky did when she abandoned them. However, Toadie makes it obvious that Harold’s opinions are not welcome after hearing what he said.

7. Shane investigates Paul’s past

Paul is ecstatic about the prospect of Ramsay and Robinson working together, and Shane is feeling good about his offer to invest in Lassiters. Unfortunately, Shane learns about Paul’s current personality really quickly.

Leo gives him the lowdown first, and Jane only raises his suspicions further. Terese’s discussion with Shane helps a little bit, but Shane believes he still wants to learn more about Paul and knows exactly who to ask.

8. Melanie will have to deal with Angie Rebecchi

Melanie soon encounters the intimidating Angie Rebecchi, making it even harder for her to deal with Harold’s displeasure. During the engagement party, Angie returns to town and makes it apparent that she won’t be won over by Melanie quickly.


The punches come thick and fast, and Melanie quickly realises she can’t keep her mouth shut any longer. Is Toadie poised to become embroiled in a significant argument between the two?

9. Karl and Susan say hello again. Malcolm

When Malcolm, their son, unexpectedly shows up at their door, Karl and Susan are thrilled. However, Malcolm tends to be very evasive whenever the topic of Catherine is brought up.

Mal’s parents notice that he is acting strangely and question him about it; in response, he discloses that they had broken up. Mal insists that it is over and that they have both found peace with it, despite Karl and Susan’s hopes that they can still work things out. However, Susan and Karl are unaware that the surprises are only just beginning.

10. Harold recognises his error

Due to his strained relationship with Toadie and Melanie, Harold chooses to double-check his assertions. However, as soon as he connects with Joe Mangel, he realises that the version of events Joe had told him did not correspond to what had transpired.

As Joe stands up for Melanie and acknowledges that he misrepresented her, Harold is compelled to apologise in a grovelling manner. Will Toadie and Melanie agree to it, though?

11. Karl and Susan receive the shock of their life from Izzy

Mal reassures Izzy that he would inform Karl and Susan about them when he gets back to his hotel room, but that it wasn’t the ideal time because they were at the party. Izzy consents to remain quiet as he returns to Ramsay Street to deliver the bad news.

Izzy, who is never one to wait, arrives unexpectedly and quickly, disclosing the shocking particulars of her and Mal’s blossoming romance in the process. And if Izzy believes Susan will take her into the family, she is in for another surprise.

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